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NTA Qos survey result: Ntc vs Ncell in network, quality of service, customer satisfaction

As per the latest report from NTA, both the major operators are in weak spot to provide good quality of service in telephone and internet to the customers. NTA had released an app to survey or complain the quality of service issues to them. From which, the overall survey result shows 59 percent quality index to Ncell and 53 percent to Nepal Telecom (Ntc). There were more than 400 mobile subscribers who took part in the NTA QoS survey in the month of Ashad.

Now, NTA is known to publish the report of the survey regarding the quality of service regularly in each month.

Network availability

Nepal Telecom is ahead than Ncell in terms of mobile signal availability. Ntc got 60.6 percent whereas Ncell got 58.2 percent from the survey for mobile network availability.

Call success in one attempt

For the call success in one attempt, both the operators have got less than 50 percent marks which is significantly less index.

Right Billing and complain of more balance cut.

People believe the billing system of Ntc is better than Ncell. 50 percent believed Ntc will charge you rightly whereas for Ncell, it is only 36. 8 percent.  For the complain of balance, Ncell has more complains than Ntc.

NTA Survey result data: Ntc vs Ncell

Here is the summary of the table of NTA survey result for the two big operators Ntc and Ncell

S.N Survey Index Ntc (%) Ncell (%)
1 Network availability 60.6 58.2
2 Call setup in one time 44.9 45.7
3 Billing rightly 50 36.8
4 High balance cut complain 37 63.2
5 Call drop 57.1 60
6 Interconnection issue 39.2 45.7
7 Recharge card availability 80 63.2
8 Recharge card problem 77.4 42.1
9 Network restoration problem 79.4 74.4
10 Customer complain resolution 53.5 67.4

Call drop while talking

Regarding the call drop problem during the conversation, Ncell is known to more frequent issue than Ntc. Ncell got 63 percent call drop issue while Ntc got 57 percentage.

Interconnection issue between Ntc and Ncell

Survey result shows the 39.2 percent believe there is easily call connection from Ncell to Ntc. And 45 percent believe the easy call connection from Ntc to Ncell number. Which is exactly opposite of the report published before.

Recharge card

The easy availability of Ncell recharge card is found less than Ntc recharge card. It is the 80 percent vs 63 percent who easily found the Ntc and Ncell recharge card respectively. But the frequent issues in Ntc recharge card gives less marks for the successful recharge which is 22.6 percent whereas it is 57.9 percent for Ncell.

Prompt in solving network issues.

Regarding the promptness in solving the mobile network issue, Ncell is found to be ahead than Ntc. Only 20.6 percent believe that Ncell would take more than 12 hours to resolve the issue. Whereas 26.6 percent believe that Ntc would take more than 12 hours to resolve the network issue.

Customer complain and satisfaction

People believe that Ncell solves the customer complain better than Ntc. 67 percent customers are satisfied with their complain in the Ncell customer care center whereas only 53 percent satisfaction is there with Ntc.

With the above results, you can evaluate the quality of service, customer satisfaction and the overall experience of the mobile network for the both the operators, Ntc and Ncell. In which, we find both of the operators are below the satisfactory level.

Please tell us about your experience with telecom operators of Nepal and if you agree with above NTA QoS survey result.

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