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Namaste Credit Explained in details with FAQs

NTC (Nepal Telecom) launched Namaste Credit, a loan or sapati scheme for their prepaid customers on March 30, 2018. Ever since it was announced, we have been getting lot of questions regarding the Ntc loan. NTC intends to provide this Namaste Credit to people for the continuation of their services to the customers with low or no balance at all. This post, we are here to cover all the information and queries about the Namaste credit, loan Sapati service.

NAMASTE CREDIT service is intended to provide service continuation even if NT customer is having a low balance or is out of balance. Nepal Telecom customers will be provided CREDIT facility to continue their important communication through Voice, Data or SMS. There is no extra charge associated with this service.

The key features of this credit loan service are:

  • Subscribers only incur debt based on their used credit.
  • Payment of debt shall be taken from next top-up.
  • The partial recovery in cases where top-up is less than the total debt. The threshold is at 60%
  • SMS shortcode of Namaste credit is 1477

We asked a poll in our Facebook page for people’s liking for the Namaste Credit service. It seems to be a massive hit among the customers. You can also vote and see the result yourself here.


Most people got a message for unavailability of credit amount when they queried for the credit service. Some of them even tried multiple times and got the same message. And they queried us for the reason for this or thinking of the wrong activation process. But the reason is that Ntc is providing this service to all customers gradually. So, they are taking the time to enable the service to a different range of customer recharge.

Frequently asked questions about Namaste Credit

Here are the FAQs for Ntc Namaste Credit.

Q. Why I cannot Subscribe or take Ntc Credit service ?

  • Ntc is providing the Ntc credit service gradually to all prepaid customers gradually. As they need to calculate the credit amount for each, they are making it available to all customers gradually. They are providing loans from Rs 40 20 and the lowest would be Rs 5. The amount of credit depends upon the usage of the network or recharge frequency/amount.

Q. How to take NTC Credit?

  • NTC now removes the auto-activation of the Ntc credit service. Now subscriber needs to send an SMS start to 1477 to enable the loan/credit service. This is the loyalty-based service, so please stay connected to NT network for maximum benefit from this service.

Q. Is there any additional cost for the use of this service?

  • It is totally free. You don’t have to pay any extra amount. Nepal Telecom GSM and CDMA prepaid users can enjoy this service. Only the credit amount that you use will be recovered from your next top-ups.

Q. How can I know that I am activated to use NAMSTE CREDIT facility?

  •  Please type STATUS and send SMS to 1477 to know your status.

Q. How can I deactivate the Namaste Credit service?

  • If you are already activated but don’t want to use the Namaste Credit facility even if it has no extra charge, please follow this step.
  • To deactivate Namaste Credit, you have to type STOP and send SMS to the number 1477. The service will deduct the credit limit and send you a confirmation message.

Q. How can I reactivate NAMASTE CREDIT service?

  • If you want to use NAMASTE CREDIT facility, please type START and send SMS to 1477.

Q. How do I know my maximum Credit Limit?

  • To check CREDIT, please type STATUS and Send SMS to 1477.

Q. How do I know my remaining Credit Balance?

  • To check CREDIT, please type STATUS and Send SMS to 1477.

Q. How do I know my credit debt which I had used?

  • To check CREDIT, please type STATUS and Send SMS to 1477.

Q. How long is this service available?

  • This service is available for NT users until further notice.

Q. Is this only for 4G users?

  • This service is available for all prepaid users of Nepal Telecom.

Q. Why did I receive a message indicating that I have a credit line?

  • If you received the following message, it means that you have just been qualified to have Namaste Credit: “Congratulations, now you have Rs X.XX credit of NAMASTE CREDIT. No call drop and no service charge, enjoy!”. Therefore, you have Rs X.XX to use after you exhausted the available balance in your mobile.

Q. Why did I receive a message reporting a charge due to “NAMASTE CREDIT”?

  •  If you have received the following message:
    “We have deducted Rs XX.XX from your main balance against NAMASTE CREDIT”.
  • It means that you have topped-up but you had a previous debt of Namaste Credit, then the service has just deducted the used credit from your balance in order to pay down the used credit.

Q. For what purpose the credit can be used?

  •  If you have Namaste Credit, then it can be used for calls, SMS and data use.

Q. Can I transfer my credit to someone else?

  • Namaste Credit cannot be transferred.

Q. Why is my credit limit different from my friend/another subscriber?

  • Each account is assessed and is assigned with the appropriate credit limit.

Q. Why don’t I have credit, but my friend/another subscriber has credit?

  • Each account is assessed and is assigned with the appropriate credit limit.

Q. How can I increase my credit limit?

  • Continue using Nepal Telecom services and regularly top-up to improve your credit limit.

Don’t forget to read the latest Ntc data packs.

If you have more queries about the Namaste credit Sapati service, please comment below.

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