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Ntc launches affordable unlimited FTTH pack

NTC has brought affordable unlimited FTTH pack with the several seasonal offer which is continued throughout the year. The reliable fiber internet service is still not available in all parts of the country. Ntc is currently expanding it to several city areas which has reached to 28 cities now. There are different speed ranges of unlimited FTTH offers for individual and corporate users. The most affordable Ntc unlimited FTTH pack is Rs 800 for 8 Mbps speed for one month.

Fiber to the home service is one of the most reliable home internet solutions that is being used worldwide. The same fiber running to the home can also provide IP telephony and internet. Later they can also add IPTV service. Nepal Telecom has already started FTTH expansion in Kathmandu and major cities. Private ISPs have already made the FTTH service available for high-speed internet up to 50 Mbps with TV channels.

Ntc unlimited FTTH pack

The unlimited FTTH speed ranges differently for individual and corporate users. For individual users, the internet speeds are 8 Mbps, 18 Mbps, 35 Mbps, and 55 Mbps. Whereas for corporate users, the FTTH speeds are 10 Mbps and 20 Mbps.

Charges for installation and the set-top box will be free if you subscribe for a year.

The most basic unlimited FTTH of 8 Mbps costs Rs 800 which is synced with the ADSL unlimited 5 Mbps offer. All the Ntc unlimited FTTH packs for individual users and price are as follows:

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S.NIndividual users FTTH Validity8Mbps unlimited FTTH price18Mbps35Mbps55Mbps
11 MonthRs. 800Rs 1600 Rs 2000Rs 2200
23 MonthsRs. 2300Rs. 4600Rs. 5700Rs. 6300
36 MonthsRs. 4300Rs. 8000Rs. 9200Rs. 10300
412 MonthsRs. 8000Rs. 13800Rs. 16000Rs. 18400

Here are the different unlimited FTTH packs for corporate users.

S.NCorporate FTTH validityunlimited 10Mbps price20Mbps
13 MonthsRs. 10300Rs. 19500
26 MonthsRs. 18400Rs. 36800
312 MonthsRs. 34500Rs. 69000

All the price mentioned above is inclusive of all applicable taxes.

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