How to participate in KBC Nepal?

One of the popular franchise TV show is coming to Nepal. This time it is the Nepali edition of the game show “Who wants to be a millionaire”. In this program, the host will ask certain question to the participants and the prize amount will increase after more correct answers. The highest cash to win is the million amount of the local currency. So here in Nepal, the highest cash prize is 1 Million NRs. Nepali edition of “Who wants to be a millionaire?” is termed as “Ko bancha crorepati”. Popular Actor Mr. Rajesh Hamal is the host of the upcoming Ko bancha Crorepati Nepal show. Here we will provide how to register or participate for KBC Nepal through Ntc/Ncell mobile and KBC Nepal app.

The program will soon air in AP1 TV and the registration can only be done through NTC and Ncell mobile.

To register for the KBC Nepal by SMS,

  • People either need to send a message of the format: KBC<SPACE>AGE<SPACE>GENDER(M/F/O) to 31031.

People can also register for the KBC game through KBC Nepal app.

  • You can download the KBC Nepal app on your mobile (Android or iOS).
  • And register in the app itself with your information.

So, what you are waiting for folks. If you have some good general knowledge, give it a try. Who knows. You are the next Millionaire through this show.

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