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Nepal Telecom extends stay connected offer

Nepal Telecom (NTC) extends the stay connected offer and the internet discounts for another week even if the lockdown eases. Find the details of the data offer, internet discounts, and more below.

As the government decides to provide a 25% discount on the internet due to COVID-19, Nepal Telecom (NTC) abides by the decision to provide the rebate in its CDMA and GSM data tariff. Similarly, the company brought a special data pack from Stay connected offer with an amazing bonus of up to 5 times. Find the Nepal Telecom internet discount, new data pack, and voice offer for lockdown period.

The offer targets people’s demand for affordable communication in this lockdown period.

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Internet discount

Following the government decision, Nepal Telecom provides a 30% discount on GSM pay as you go data tariff. Similarly, they have implemented a 27% discount in the CDMA data PAYG tariff. To make it clear for our readers, PayG means standard data tariff which is charged per MB. Simply put, it is the data tariff to customers who use the internet without the data pack.

Although NTC takes the decision early, ISPs are seeking support to provide the announced 25% internet discount by the government.

So, the new data tariff in GSM and CDMA becomes 91 paisa and 51 paisa respectively.

Update: Ntc halts the PayG data discount on Ashad 2, 2077 as the lockdown eases here.

GSM data pack

Nepal Telecom (NTC) also comes up with an attractive data pack to its GSM customers for this lockdown period. This data pack provides 4X and 5X volumes to its customers. We believe all those people complaining of slow home internet can use this data pack for the lockdown period. This is also targeted to all those people who work from home and trouble finding a good internet solution.

There are two such data packs in this offer which are at first named 1GB data and 2GB data. But the bonus is what the data attractive. These data packs can be used for all time periods.

S.N Ntc Lockdown data offer Price All network Bonus in 4G Total Volume
1 1GB data pack Rs 100 1GB 3GB 4GB
2 2GB data pack Rs 200 2GB 8GB 10GB

The said volume can be used for all networks (2G, 3G, and 4G) while the bonus amount is only for 4G data. As Ntc has expanded its 4G coverage to all 77 districts (most built-up areas), you can get the utmost benefit out of this pack.

The data pack could be called 4GB and 10GB data as it has plenty of data volume and ample time for usage. The data volume should be used in 5 days for 1GB data and 7 days for 2GB data. Find all of the regular data packs in Ntc.

On net voice pack

In addition to the above offers, Ntc provides the on-net voice-packs in its GSM and CDMA subscribers. Here also there are two such voice packs which are 40 minutes and 190 minutes. They provide a 50% discount in the pack and offer extra voice minutes as a bonus.

S.N Ntc lockdown voice offer Price Bonus Total voice minutes
1 40 minutes pack Rs 25 20 minutes 60
2 190 minutes pack Rs 100 95 minutes 285

The first voice pack is valid for a day whereas the second one is for 7 days. If you need more packs for your need, you can find all the Ntc voice packs.

How to buy the stay connected offers?

To subscribe to the stay connected offer for lockdown in Ntc, you need to

Nepal Telecom stopped the extension of the home internet services (ADSL, FTTH, and WiMAX) as they felt the availability of the recharge by several means. They say they have already made an SMS request to all of their customers. Read here for how to check the ADSL, WiMAX, and FTTH internet expiry date?

All other Nepal Telecom offers are continued till 2077 Ashad in the name of Spring offer.

With its special request, Ntc urges people to follow the directives of the government in this lockdown period and be safe, healthy.

Nepal Telcom also extends the balance transfer of up to Rs 200 for 5 times in a day, for the lockdown period. Read the alternatives for the top-up without recharge card.

Tell us what do you think of the Nepal Telecom internet discount and data/voice offers for the lockdown period.

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