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Ncell brings Super 4G Offer: Nonstop YouTube pack for 7 days.

The giant telecommunication service provider, Ncell comes with an exciting and affordable offer to watch video content on YouTube, scroll Facebook, and create/watch TikTok video for 4G users. This pandemic is the time most of the people spend online because of the COVID 19 threat. There’s a massive increment in the number of data pack users since people went to remote areas where cellular data in the only internet solution available. Keeping the user’s desire in mind, Ncell is providing this Super 4G offer.

The offer includes Nonstop Youtube pack for seven days, and two add on packages on top of it.

What’s in Ncell Super 4G Offer?

Super 4G offer allows you to surf Youtube non-stop for seven days along with 4GB All-time data at just Rs 100 (Rs 127.69 including taxes). Once you activate this offer, you can also purchase other add-on packs like 3500 MB for Facebook and 3500MB for Tiktok at just Rs 20 (Rs 25.54 including taxes) for seven days (500 MB per day).

Ncell Super 4G offer
ValidityPrice including taxes
Non-Stop youtube+ All-time 4GB All-time data7 daysRs 127.69
Add-on: 3500 MB for Facebook

(500 MB per day for 7 days)

7 daysRs 25.54 
Add-on: 3500 MB for Tiktok

(500 MB per day for 7 days)

7 daysRs 25.54 

Here the Non-Stop Youtube shall allow you to stream Videos over YouTube continuously, without any limit. That means it is an unlimited YouTube package.

How to purchase the Ncell Super 4G offer?

To purchase this super 4G offer, you must have 4G network coverage and enough balance on your phone. To activate this Super 4G offer Non stop Youtube package, 

  • You need to dial *17123# and select one or dial directly “*17123*1#”. Then you click the pack in there.
  • This pack comes with the validity of 7 days.

Now you can buy Ncell data packs over online portal.

Things to know before you activate this Super 4G Offer (Nonstop YouTube pack)

Here are the few things you need to know to activate this Super 4G offer (Non-Stop YouTube pack) on your mobile.

  • You must have 4G network coverage to enjoy this offer. Check on the 4G or LTE sign on the top of your mobile phone. If you see 2G or 3G Network (even if you put your phone in 4G mode), then you need to change your SIM card by going to the nearest Ncell centre. You can also get 1GB data for free with 4G activation.
  • You must first buy Super 4G non-stop youtube pack to activate the add-on package.
  • Add on package includes 3500 MB for Facebook and 3500 MB for Tiktok.
  • While surfing youtube 4G service, if your Network fluctuates to 3G, your main balance won’t be deducted, but the youtube stops functioning instead. So, you need not worry about your main balance if the Network fluctuates to 3G, 2G.
  • If you want to use a data package for all applications (not just mentioned here), you need to purchase regular data packs in your Ncell mobile.

Youtube, Tiktok, and Facebook are the beloved application used by users. This type of special offer for such beloved apps will increase the usage of 4G in Nepal. Telcos are also encouraging people to use more of the 4G Network, with special offers. The cost of such offers are quite affordable as compared to regular

This package suits all the people who prefer binge-watching videos over the mobile. With the offer, you need not worry about the huge cost for video streaming and also the main balance cut when the Network drops to 3G. Read about 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G explained in simple words.

Have your say on this Super 4G offer which includes Non-Stop YouTube, Facebook, and TikTok streaming?

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