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Ntc Recommendations For 4G Handset And Mode/Settings

Nepal Telecom 4G has already reached 77 districts of the country. While the Ntc 4G coverage has extended to 596 local levels of 77 districts, there are few things that customers need to be aware of to use seamless 4G service. This is to make people aware of the quality of the 4G service that depends on the geography and the mobile handset used. In this post, you can find the recommendations from Nepal Telecom for 4G handset band support and 4G mode/settings to get the seamless and good quality 4G service from Ntc.

4G Bands in Ntc

Regarding the frequency band, Nepal Telecom operates 4G in two spectrum bands, namely 1800 MHz and 800 MHz. Generally, they have installed 800 MHz (band 20) 4G towers in areas with lesser inhabitants and wide areas. While the 1800 MHz (band 3) 4G base stations are placed at the high-density areas like city/well-built areas.

So, if a 4G customer moves from one band coverage area to another area, customer can get better 4G coverage and higher quality service if the customer smartphone supports both bands, 800 MHz and 1800 MHz.

Though 1800 MHz is available with most of the 4G handsets available in Nepal, not all smartphones support 800 MHz band. If your smartphone does not support both frequency bands in 4G (band 3 and band 20), then you will be deprived of maximum benefits out of 4G service. Due to which, people were complaining of the 4G quality which is not actually due to the network but of your handset.

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Here are few of the problems that customer could face if your smartphone does not support both 4G bands.

  • Poor or No 4G coverage: Suppose you travel to remote areas where there is only band 20 network, then you might get poor 4G signal or no 4G signal at all.
  • Slow 4G speed: Having both bands support will definitely increase the internet speed of the 4G service. But without dual band 4G support on your handset, you might get slower than that with both band.
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Having said that, the impact of not having such dual band 4G support is less if you do not travel to remote areas. As people get confused for the bad 4G network quality of Ntc, the telco informs the technical reasoning for the bad experience. For which, Ntc points 4G handset issue to be the reason behind.

So, if you are going to buy a new 4G handset, you should check the phone specifications to support the both the 4G bands and get good quality network.

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4G Settings/Mode

Regarding the smartphone settings for 4G, Nepal Telecom recommends to put your smartphone in Auto or 4G preferred mode.

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For the network mode settings on your smartphone, you need to go to Settings->Mobile Network or Cellular Network-> Network Mode or Preferred Network type for that Nepal Telecom SIM card. Then, you should put modes like (as it differs for different phone brands).

  • LTE/3G/2G (Auto connect) or 4G/3G/2G mode
  • 4G prefered mode
  • Prefer LTE

The telcos recommend this 4G mode to those customers who want to make the best result out of the 4G network. With this settings, your phone will remain on 4G network wherever 4G signal is available. Similarly, you can also read when to put your phone in 2G mode.

Tell us what do you think of Nepal Telecom’s recommendation for 4G smartphone/handset and 4G network mode, in the comment below. Hope this helps to clarify people’s concern for bad 4G quality in Ntc.

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