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Best Secure and Private Messaging Apps in 2021

Now more than ever, the need to keep our data secure is more vital. Governments want it, companies crave it, and cybercriminals definitely want it the most. What’s more, private messaging traditionally meant copies of your chats could be saved on company servers, rendering them vulnerable to exposure through a successful hack attack. 

There are, however, many instant messaging apps with end-to-end encryption to ensure security and privacy to your data, ensuring that only the sender and the recipient can read the message. Let’s look at some of the best secure messaging apps in 2021 and how they help protect your data. 

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Telegram is among the most secure messaging apps with end-to-end encryption. For those seeking more privacy, you can switch on Secret Chats by going to the app’s advanced settings. 

When you delete chats on your end of the conversation on Telegram, the app is ordered to delete it from the other end of the chat. You can actually order your messages, videos, files, and photos to self-destruct within a certain amount of time after the recipient has read or opened them. 

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Created by Whisper Systems, a company whose core business is encryption, Signal has an open-source encryption engine, meaning it’s available for anyone to inspect it. Both texts and voice calls are encrypted on this platform.

Signal is used by well-known figures in the cybersecurity and data privacy space, including Bruce Schneier and Edward Snowden. This is because all communication in Signal is end-to-end encrypted by default. 

This app is absolutely free and works on all mobile platforms. The app developers are committed to ensuring that it is fast and straightforward by not stuffing it up with ads, animated poop emoji, web-tracking, and stickers. 


Initially known as Cyber Dust, this is another private messaging platform that utilizes encryption as the fundamental security and privacy feature. You can actually delete chats off other people’s phones when using this app, and no messages are stored permanently on servers or phones. 

Dust uses both RSA 248 encryption and AES 128 to create a social communication app with enhanced privacy and security. The app is also free for both iOS and Android platforms. 

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Compatible with Android, Linux, Windows, macOS, and iOS, Wickr was among the first messaging platforms to adopt end-to-end encryption. All chats are encrypted automatically, and the company performs regular security audits. 

The free version of Wickr allows up to 10 users, while the paid tiers charge a maximum of 25 USD/month, and allows unlimited users. The app has varying features that make it secure, including ensuring any erased files are completely unrecoverable, screenshot detection, and obstructing third-party keyboards on iOS.

Encrypted instant messaging may help ensure security and privacy by ensuring that the recipient is the only person who gets to read the message. Still, end-to-end encryption is not the full-proof feature that will protect you from surveillance and other threat actors. Even with a secure messaging platform, an unsecured device will still allow access to your chats. Therefore, practice basic mobile security and use a trustworthy VPN app to ensure no one spies on your communications. 

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