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How To Check If VoLTE is Working On iPhones?

Learn whether VoLTE is functioning on iPhone or not with some tricks.

Are you an iPhone user? If you are, then there is a good chance that you have started using NTC’s VoLTE on your iPhone. But do you know whether the next-gen voice call tech is working on your device or not? Please find the process to confirm the VoLTE working on iPhones below.

Seems like iPhone users’ compromising experience on NTC’s VoLTE has not stopped. First, it was not available on iPhones and they had to wait on Apple’s coordination. Now as VoLTE support has arrived, iPhone users are grappling with another issue: a minor issue but an annoying inconvenience.

A section of iPhone users has sounded out that they are having trouble ensuring whether VoLTE is working in the background or not. It is due to the lack of a symbol or sign of the service on the notification bar.

On Android, if a user has toggled VoLTE and subscribed on their number, then the VoLTE sign appears on the notification panel of their smartphones. Similarly, a HD call icon also appears when the user is making a call. So, they can easily take note of the Voice over LTE status in real-time. However, iPhone users are having a frustrating experience as iPhones do not render such icons in the notification bar nor in the calling.

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But we are going to present one or two workarounds to sort it out. iPhone users can execute these tricks to keep a check on VoLTE status on their flagship iPhones.

Steps To Confirm VoLTE Status

To check whether your iPhone is working on VoLTE or not, follow these steps below:

  • Make a call from 4G.
  • Turn off WiFi.
  • Check which network it is on.
  • You can turn on data to confirm the signal (not required for VoLTE).
  • If your device is indeed on VoLTE, either the 4G or LTE icon will keep on showing while making the call.
  • If not, you would see either 3G or 2G depending on the strongest network.

The trick here is to render either 4G or LTE icons in the notification bar. If you see 3G or 3G or its variations such as H+, and etc. stay assured that you have not been on VoLTE. But the icon of either 4G or LTE while on call means you are exploiting the Voice over LTE service on your iPhone.

4V VoLTE on iPhone
LTE icon on an iPhone

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Another Workaround

Similarly, there is another solution to your relief. NTC has offered a 100 minutes voice call promotional package on VoLTE launch and it is very likely that you have it subscribed to it as well.

Now, if you have activated this free 100 minutes voice call by dialing 1444 and have already made some calls after VoLTE activation, then check for the remaining minutes by dialing *1415*55#. If you have less than 100 minutes remaining, it means your calls have been made on VoLTE.

So that was it. You can apply the above workarounds to confirm VoLTE’s functioning on your iPhones and continue your HD voice calls and internet surfing simultaneously.

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Lack of notification for the VolTE can be a major drawback for some iPhone users who prefer VoLTE for HD calls. But we hope the above tricks would ease off many of those iPhone users who have felt the inconvenience.

Apple recently took the fourth position among the top smartphone brands in Nepal in the data released by Statcounter. Carrying an iPhone with premium features yet facing such compromises does not sound good for the users.

Take a Note: iPhones do not allow native video calling over VoLTE. But you can use Apple’s own FaceTime app but it remains exclusive within the iOS ecosystem. However, Apple has announced at its Worldwide Developers conference that the Facetime app will arrive on Android and Windows soon.

Are you an iPhone user? Have you gone through the same inconvenience over VoLTE’s functioning in the background? Let us know how these tricks help you in the comments below.

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