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Apple’s FaceTime Arriving on Android And Windows

Apple’s exclusive video-calling app FaceTime arriving on Android and Windows with iOS 15 launch.

Apple’s popular video-calling app FaceTime is arriving on Android and Windows soon. Apple announced the news at Worldwide Developers Conference on Monday when they also revealed major updates on iOS, and Apple devices.

Facetime on iPhone iPad

Now Android and Windows users will also be able to FaceTime their friends within or beyond their platforms. Apple’s video-calling platform had been exclusive to IOS ever since its launch in 2010.. Now, the US tech has decided to allow Android and Windows uses to use it on their devices that includes smartphones and PCs both.

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FaceTime To Rival Zoom?

At the WDC event, Apple announced upcoming updates pertinent to its proprietary iOS 15 and hinted that FaceTime is up for a makeover. Apple’s new updates will make FaceTime work and feel like existing video-conferencing apps: namely Zoom.

FaceTime will get a grid view allowing users to look at the participants in large numbers comfortably. In addition, users will have the option to schedule calls.

Adding more to its functionality, Apple will also bring a feature named Shareplay. This will allow participants to watch or listen to the same audio or video at once. That means, you could play music, or video and also share it with others in real-time.

It is obvious that Apple is molding FaceTime as any other mainstream video-calling pass with new updates. This suggests their intention to rival the existing video-calling apps beyond its walls and that brings to us the name: Zoom, the video-conferencing juggernaut.

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Since the lockdown began, Zoom has been everyone’s favorite for online meetings, learning, workshops, and virtually everything. Since the lockdown began, Zoom’s value has skyrocketed worldwide and seems to dodge any contest. But perhaps Apple expects a go at it. With FaceTime coming to Android and Windows, Apple expects to stir the almost hegemonic stature it has garnered over the last year.

But you must be informed that Apple is not developing an app for FaceTime. It will rather arrive as a web interface that will facilitate smartphone users and Windows PC users to call in among each other.

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Apple’s FaceTime: Launch Date

Apple will likely launch FaceTime on all platforms when it brings iOS 15 and that customarily takes place in the fall. From that day on, Android and Windows users will finally get the taste of Apple’s FaceTime app on their devices. It will cease to be an iOS-only service.

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Apple had long kept FaceTime as its privileged service within the iOS ecosystem. That means Android users had been deprived of it. But with its iOS 15 launch, the video-calling service will go beyond its closed walls and be there for everyone to use. Don’t miss: Check If VoLTE is Working On iPhones?

How excited are you about FaceTime becoming a cross-platform service? Will you consider switching to it over other video-calling apps? Let us know in the comments below.

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