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Digital World: Benefits And Drawbacks Of Going Online

With the advancement in computers and technology, a lot of works have been going on digital in today’s time. The world of digitalization reached its peak in the world when the coronavirus affected a lot of sectors like health, education, transportation, business, economy, and tourism. Since the start of isolation and social distancing, most of the important works have been going on online. How do you think digitalization has been affecting our daily lives? Has it been affecting us in good ways or bad? 

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Let’s start by paying attention to the good side of going online/digital. There’s no doubt that the internet and computers have made our lives a lot easier and convenient. 

  • The internet helps you with anything anywhere the way you like it. It brings your classroom to your computer and the market on your phone whenever you want to study and shop online. Important meetings, presentations, calls, and arrangements can be done online with the help of digitalization. Check out: Online learning vs Classroom learning
  • This surely saves everyone a lot of time and energy. With things going on online and from home, people might be more efficient in their works due to less pressure of time management and fewer expenses. 
  • Another big advantage of going digital is that you get a lot of time to spend with your family and loved ones. In this busy world, when every single minute costs you, a lot of people struggle to spend quality time with their families. When you work online, you can have your meals with your family and spend time with them when you’re not working.
  • As we all know, the internet has made this world look like a small place by bringing us all together. In the same way, when you work online you can reach out to a lot of people within seconds whenever you want to get in touch with them either personally or professionally.
  • People have started being accustomed to newer technologies and digital marketing. Most people have learned to use technology in the right way and have tried new things online. The experience with the internet and computers has made people smarter than ever.
  • Also, a lot of businesses have fostered once the people have started going digital. Many online video conferencing applications like Google Meet, Zoom, Microsoft Teams have profited and the online shops/market have been doing a lot of business. 
  • Another benefit of working digitally is the perks you get through advanced technologies like Gmail, Google Planner, Google Classrooms, etc. This replaces the normal paperwork system used generally in offices and saves a lot of work.
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Since we know everything has its own advantages and disadvantages once it comes into use. On a similar note, there are some drawbacks to being immersed in the digital world.

  • The first and foremost drawback of working online is the negative impact it causes on the health of people. Being on the phone, computer, or laptop for a very long time causes eye strain due to longer screen time. It might later cause to develop headaches, migraines, and insomnia.
  • Working online doesn’t require any physical work. You neither have to travel to work nor walk or drive. It will make you physically inactive which is very bad for your health. It will make you prone to heart diseases and obesity.
  • Internet is the major requirement for digital working. In such a situation, you might face difficulties if you are in an area with poor network connectivity. It is not at all feasible to use the mobile 4G as it can be very expensive. Also, when the electricity line is cut out, it becomes very difficult to decide whether to wait for the electricity or use the mobile data. But you can also buy affordable data packs from Ntc, Ncell as per your requirement.
  • One might afford a phone but it is not everyone’s cup of tea to afford an extra device like a computer or a laptop at home. In such a case, it becomes very difficult to work on a phone. Also, if more than one member of the family needs to either study or work online, it might create problems. Check out Laptop vs Mobile; Which one do you prefer?
  • Not all businesses and companies do well while working online. Some companies might not make any profits at all by working online. In such a scenario, it will create a lot of work pressure and exhaustion in people. 
  • People are prone to become monotonous and dull while working from home. There is no social activity and interaction especially when you live alone. The lack of sharing of work problems and personal feelings might make you shift your focus from work. It might cause you to become depressed and have suicidal thoughts.
  • Working online can pose a security risk to your personal information and account. Also, your privacy will be at stake while doing various works on the internet. You might fall victim to cyber scams and abuse if you do not handle your works warily.
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Going digital has both its advantages and disadvantages when considered carefully. It makes our lives easier and convenient on the one hand while increases crimes such as cyber frauds and bullying on the other hand. So, what are your thoughts about working through digital means? Let us know in the comments below.

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