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WorldLink Launches Nepal’s Fastest 300 Mbps Internet With Mesh Routers

Leading ISP WorldLink has launched Nepal’s fastest 300 Mbps internet plan aka Photon. Along with it, the company also introduced a Mesh WiFi system that enhances coverage around the residence of the customers. This milestone fiber plan serves as the ISP’s response to the growing internet war in the country.

WorldLink, the country’s most prominent ISP has made its statement after the entry of CG Net with a 120 Mbps package. Keeping up with its profile, the company has brought an unforeseen internet plan with new technology, Mesh WiFi. This landmark service comes with the Mesh WiFi system that delivers ultra-high-speed internet, consistency, and full coverage wherever you go.

Dubbed as the WorldLink Photon series of broadband services, the 300 Mbps will deliver an unparalleled Internet experience in Nepal. To achieve the all-encompassing connectivity, Worldlink bundles the package with the Nokia Beacon 1.1 routers, part of the Mesh system.

WorldLink Photon Fastest 300 Mbps Internet
WorldLink Photon

Mesh WiFi is a smart installation system that comprises multiple routers connected to each other at pivotal points. With this setup, the user does not have to change the WiFi username manually as its extenders do the work. The fun part with Mesh System is that you can roam around your house without compromising WiFi performance.

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300 Mbps Internet at Affordable Cost

Speaking on the new product, Chairman of WorldLink Dileep Agrawal, said “We are at the threshold of a home internet technology boom worldwide and there is a constant need to upgrade the internet speed at our home and have a superior home networking done with the state of the art devices and technology. Hence we take immense pride in launching the WorldLink Photon series with 300 Mbps for the first time in Nepal and with it Mesh wi-fi home solution with Nokia Beacon 1.1 routers. The smart installation process will carry the networking of these devices checking the right signal level and other networking parameters in the house.

“I am sure we can give an unmatchable broadband experience to our customers throughout their home premises which was an unfulfilled gap in internet service in Nepal till now. All this will come at an affordable price so that everyone can have a smart home from now on. Currently, we have upgraded our network in Kathmandu to offer the Photon service only in Kathmandu. We will be launching Photon in other cities very soon. We firmly stand by our Mission statement “Enrich the lives of our customers through world-class service,” he added.

Worldlink Photon 300 Mbps Internet
MonthsPrice with 3 TVPrice without TV
1 MonthRs. 2200Rs. 2100
3 MonthsRs. 6450Rs. 6150
12 MonthsRs. 22000Rs. 21000

You will be delighted to know that WorldLink’s hyper-fast Photon 300 Mbps internet plan is not expensive for its bandwidth speed. The plan is available for new and existing customers and there is also the option for TV or without TV. For new customers, 1, 3, and 12 months subscriptions. For 1 month with TV, you will have to pay Rs. 2200 and without TV it will cost Rs. 2100.

Similarly, for 3 months plan, you will need to pay Rs.6,450 for internet with TV, and Rs.6,150 without a TV subscription. If you want to pay for 12 months in advance, you will be paying Rs.22,000 and Rs.21,000 for TV and without TV respectively.

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* For every Nokia Beacon 1.1The rental charge for each Beacon is 1.1Deposit for each Beacon 1.1
1 MonthRs. 4000Rs. 2500
3 MonthsRs. 3000Rs. 2500
12 MonthsRs. 2000Rs. 2500

The 300 Mbps internet comes with dedicated Beacon 1.1 routers with a Mesh system. To set this up, you will need to pay Rs.4,000 for one month, Rs.3,000 for two months, and Rs.2,000 for 12 months subscription. As you can see, the deposit for each Beacon 1.1 router would cost you Rs.2,500.

Worldlink Photon is currently available in select areas of Kathmandu but we can expect the plan to launch in other trade centers very soon.

Worldlink Photon availability

WorldLink has made its name for its range of services and quality services over the years. Currently, it offers the customers with IPTV service, NetTV. The ISP has installed 11,000+ free WiFi hotspots zone across Nepal giving people free access to high-speed reliable internet. Check out: Worldlink collaborates with Facebook to provide free Express Wifi.

WorldLink has also reached remotest zones like Karnali in its quest to reinforce broadband connectivity across Nepal with better technologies and infrastructure.

The Internet market is at a full-blown war in Nepal right now. CG Net’s arrival stirred the ISP market in Nepal and the companies are competing with their own affordable plans to maintain their base.

WorldLink is the traditional leader among the ISPs in Nepal and its 300 Mbps plan with Mesh WiFi will help keep its market appeal atop. Check out: Best ISP internet service provider in Nepal >>

What do you think about WorldLinks 300 Mbps internet juggernaut? Do share your perspective in the comments below.

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