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NTC Finds More Fiber Net Customers Amid NEA and ISPs Dispute

NTC has found more fiber net customers recently after NEA started cutting fiber cables of ISPs. It is reported that NTC’s Bharatpur branch accumulated over 8 lakhs in renewal fees over just three days.

According to Narayani online, the Bharatpur Branch of NTC is flooded with queries for fresh installations of NTC’s fiber net.   

Narayanionline quoted Branch Chief, Navin Kumar Mishra telling that the demand for NTC’s fiber internet has abruptly grown over the last few days. The public is either calling or visiting the office seeking NTC’s broadband connections.

NEA cut-off fiber cables of ISPs at poles around various parts around the country over revised pole charges issue. The act was severely condemned by all institutions like the CAN federation, NTA, and ISPAN. Meanwhile, Bharatpur was one of the most affected areas. In protest, ISPAN had threatened to pull off internet connections countrywide.

As a result, Public offices and B/FIs in Bharatpur with private ISPs’ broadband were out of connection on Saturday and Sunday. Following a discussion between stakeholders have restored connection though.

NTC Benefits Amidst NEA & ISPs’ Scuffle

NEA and ISPs’ scuffles have inversely benefited NTC. Banks, organizations, and the public dissatisfied with ISPs flocked to NTC’s office for newer connections.

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In just three days after NEA’s wire cutting, the panicked ADSL customers renewed their internet packages. As a result, NTC’s Bharatpur branch was able to collect over Rs.8 lakhs.

According to Mishra, NTC’s fiber internet is more affordable and reliable. The telco has set up cache servers in Kathmandu and Hetauda. He adds that this allows YouTube, Google, and Facebook to load faster compared to connections from private ISPs.

NTC’s Triple Play Offers More Than Internet

NTC has furloughed its dated ADSL and offers a unique fiber-based Triple Play solution that brings internet, calls, and TV home. The TV comes with all the major channels popular in Nepal and with voice calls and reliable call service makes it a worthy alternative to any customer.

Adding to it, NTC’s Triple Play is affordable and its internet doesn’t have a traditional data cap known as FUP. This alone makes it a worthy option for consumers who want a consistent and reliable performer who need to download larger files on a regular basis.

Nepal Telecom Triple play service over fiber
Ntc Triple play service over fiber

Mishra says NTC’s fiber net demands are on the rise for a while due to its cheaper cost and performance. However, the connection has not penetrated district-wide. So far the fiber net has reached major areas in Chitwan but NTC is expanding at a rapid pace.

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He told Narayanionline that so far 11 thousand customers have installed NTC’s fiber connection.

NTC’s Triple Play service comes in 8 Mbps to 60 Mbps plans for residential use. This costs Rs.800 to Rs.1800 respectively. Due to faster fiber internet, calls, and TV service (NTTV) over the single fiber cable, NTC’s broadband solution is becoming popular.

Were you affected by NEA’s recent fiber-cutting act? NEA’s decision has divided public opinion with people equally being vocal for either side. Who do you think should be more flexible? Do share your opinions on the issue in the comments below.

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