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Fold vs Flip Phones, Which Foldable to Choose?

Smartphones have come a long way with life-changing features, convenience & reliability. The designs of the phones have also evolved into various shapes and sizes from bar design, traditional flip design, a qwerty keypad to the touchscreen. Evolving, even more, now there are fold & flip smartphones with hefty price tags. Today, we are digging into fold vs flip phones to know which one is for whom. Also, let’s find the price of foldable phones in Nepal.

Introduction to foldable

A foldable smartphone is a smartphone with a folding form factor. Using multiple touchscreen panels on a hinge or using flexible panels are the particular elements of foldable smartphones. The history of these unique smartphones dates back to 2006 with a rollable & foldable concept phone known as ‘Readius’ by Polymer Vision company. Nokia in 2008 came up with the animated concept too. Samsung joined the concept in 2013 with ideas for incorporating flexible displays.

Horizontally folding smartphones are termed here as fold phones. While the vertically foldable phones are known as flip phones here.

Moto Razr Flip Phone
Moto Razr 2019, a Vertically Folding Flip Phone

Display Components

Foldable smartphones usually utilize adaptable, plastic OLED rather than glass. Plastic displays are normally fit for supporting the necessary twist span for a foldable phone, yet they are more prone to scratches than regular phone shows. Corning, the company that manufactures Gorilla Glass, also produces an adaptable glass item known as Willow Glass. However, the organization expresses that its assemblies of the display require the utilization of a salt arrangement that can harm the semiconductors utilized in OLED boards. That’s why plastic OLED is used for foldable smartphones.

Pros of Fold Phones Over Flip Phones

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 Price in Nepal
Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3

Larger Display Size

Horizontal foldable phones offer a larger display size than flip foldable phones. The secondary display is also marginally bigger and the device turns into a tablet easily. The bigger display provides a nice multimedia experience. Also, there is enhanced gaming with room for bigger control layouts for action-packed games like COD Mobile, PUBG Mobile, etc.

Premium Looks & Feel

Foldable phones are more premium & unique to look at with their horizontal folding design. The bigger secondary display also becomes handy to use as a phone. Opening both of the displays turns it into a tablet which is an amazing thing itself. The flip phone’s design is not that new and was introduced along before. Hence, horizontally foldable phones bring innovative design & looks.

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More Usability With Tab size Screen

The ability to transform into a tablet brings in more usability for folding phones. One can do a wide range of activities like notes, writing presentations, watching movies, gaming, etc more conveniently. Also for artistic minds, digital painting becomes handier with a wider space. Besides that, it can also be used as a regular phone.

Pros of Flip Phones Over Fold Phones

Samsung Z Flip 3 phone

Relatively Compact Size

The size of a flip phone is smaller than that of a vertically folding phone that is fold. In comparison, the vertically phones come in a bigger size for the tab screen design. The smaller hinge & size of the flip phones are suitable for customers wanting smaller-sized folding phones.

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Lighter Weight

Flip phones are lighter than bulky foldable phones. The lightweight design feels more comfortable to put in a pocket. The hinge & thickness are also lesser in flip phones. Foldable phones are heavier as compared. So, flip phones are suitable for the users who choose compact & less heavy folding phones.


Flip phones are marginally cheaper as compared to foldable phones. They don’t contain a tablet size display and save a lot on display costs. Meanwhile, vertically foldable phones are expensive due to their bigger display & hinge. The maintenance costs are also higher on the horizontally foldable ones.

Price of Foldable Phones in Nepal

Up until now, only Samsung has launched foldable phones in Nepal. Of course, you want to know the latest ones which are readily available in Nepal and have the latest design, more durability than predecessors.

S.N.Smartphone ModelPrice in Nepal
1Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3Rs.1,24,999 (8/256GB)
2Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3Rs.2,19,999 (12/256GB)
Rs.2,29,999 (12/512GB)
Price of Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 & Fold 3 in Nepal

Our Verdict

Foldable phones are pretty unique & futuristic smartphones. If you opt for a wider tab-like screen, vertically foldable phones like the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold are for you. If you are looking for a cheaper, less bulky & pocket-friendly size phone, the horizontally foldable flip phone is the right choice for you. Moto Razr 2019, Galaxy Z Flip 3 are some examples of it.

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It was expected that ladies will prefer flip phones over fold due to its cute size but the result seemed not true. As ladies mostly carry bags, they can go for bigger size fold phones for better multimedia and multitasking. So, it is rather choice of individuals rather than Male/female to choose either flip or fold phones.

People feel foldable phones are not durable for the long term but with the latest advancement, foldable phones are becoming mainstream and going well despite hefty prices. Thanks to Samsung for their generous push in bringing such futuristic devices. It is just a matter of time when every smartphone manufacturer has its own foldable phones. Apple is also making one.

Tell us which foldable phones do you love to carry; fold vs flip? Please feedback your preference in the comment box below.

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