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NTA Seeks Consultations For Implementation and Promotion of 5G in Vertical Sectors

Nepal Telecommunication Authority (NTA), the governing body for telecommunications in Nepal is seeking consultations for the implementation & promotion of 5G in vertical sectors of Nepal. 5G is the popular name for mind-boggling internet speed and massive connectivity in this modern world. And Nepal is also awaiting 5G to join this race. That’s why NTA is opening up a way to implement 5G as soon as possible.

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Request For Expression of Interest

The government of Nepal has already allocated funds to prepare a Master Plan for the implementation & promotion of 5G in Nepal. For this, NTA is now inviting Expression of Interest from eligible contestant firms for consulting services. This will further assist to develop an action plan for efficient & effective use of 5G. Interested firms can get further information from NTA’s official website or electronic-Government Procurement (eGP) system.


The primary objective is to study the development & growth trend of 5G cases in Nepal. 5G being the fastest connection speed, is going to be the mainstream connection for broadband as well as industries. NTA also seeks for prioritizing vertical sectors to integrate 5G in those areas. This will also further bring & implement action plans. Facilitating 5G for Nepali customers as soon as possible has been the main objective.

Work Scope

The work scope of the project is to find practical usage of 5G in various sectors. It will also focus on the pattern of Nepali users. It also seeks to know how 5G will assist for socio-economic development of the country as well. Also, it will view demand and growth forecast of possible applications based on current usage trends and needs (current possible applications/uses and near future possible applications).

NTA will study the readiness of the service providers with the help of the action plan. Also, it will recommend the type of service providers that can provide services to the different identified sectors. It will also suggest techniques to improve the telecommunication network footprint.


The interested companies/consultants shall have 3 years of experience in the telecommunication/Data Analytics field. In addition, they should have completed at least 10 research/analysis projects in those fields.

NTA will assess EOI based on Qualification 40.0 %, Experience 50.0 %, and Capacity 10.0 % of a consulting firm and key personnel. Based on the evaluation of EOI, NTA will only invite shortlisted firms to submit technical and financial proposals through a request for proposal. The minimum score to pass the EOI is 60.

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Instructions for Submissions

Both sole or joint consulting companies can submit EOI. For qualification of joint firms, the firms need to provide information regarding descriptions, organization, number of employees, description about work done in 7 years, location, experiences, etc. While for the sole firm, the same information is required but the work experience & location can be 4 years. The expected date of commencement of the assignment is 16-01-2022.

About 5G in Nepal

4G has already taken over almost all of the districts in Nepal. The growing internet craze & social media usage has brought more demands for speed & reliability. Also, almost every new phone launching today is coming with 5G support. Hence to fetch the speed-hungry demands, NTA has taken this step to initiate the primary process in order to bring 5G in Nepal.

5G is not only for broadband speed but it also connects machines, objects, and devices. This results in efficient & effective production of goods when it comes to industries. Thus aiding for the economic development by the use of innovation, 5G is a crucial technology for development. If everything goes as per the roadmap by the regulator, we can expect the 5G network to come into action within two years.

Whereas for the trials, Nepal Telecom has already submitted its 5G testing proposal to NTA. Long awaiting the approval and spectrum allocation, it is doubtful that Ntc 5G trial will realize pretty soon.

So, what do you expect about 5G & its usage in Nepal? What plans do you expect from NTA with the consultations regarding 5G implementation in vertical sectors? Are you already using a 5G phone? Do write your thoughts below in the comment section.

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