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NTA To Set Routers’ Standard For More Efficiency

NTA is set to determine routers’ minimum standard to achieve a uniform internet quality for Nepali households across the country. The authority believes the defined parameters for the routers will address the growing dissatisfaction of internet consumers over poor broadband performance.

As per the sources, NTA will set the routers’ standards criteria in the next two weeks. When the compliant routers come into circulation, customers will not have to compromise over their internet service. So far, there is no standardization for routers in Nepal. This means customers are possibly paying more for low-quality routers and naively buying the hardware without prior knowledge of its quality.

NTA To Provide Routers

NTA Director, Min Prasad Aryal has said, ‘Customers won’t feel short of service for their payment after the routers’ standards are fully implemented. The authority will also provide routers conforming to the set criteria to the customers.’

routers' standards
Nokia router

Routers of various price ranges are available in Nepali markets. Customers can buy routers from as low as Rs. 2000 to high-end ones for quality broadband solutions. Additionally, ISPs bundle a low-end router to their customers on the condition the customers return them upon cancellation of the subscription.

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Routers’ Standard: NTA Toughening On ISP

Telecommunications authority will toughen up its stance to ensure internet customers get the service that they have paid for. NTA will monitor whether the ISPs are adhering to its defined criteria on WiFi routers and if customers review.

Aryal added, ‘NTA will set the routers’ standards and the ISPs will have to comply. He said ISPs must remain accountable for the internet performance their customers are receiving.’

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Nepali ISPs offer shared connections on various price ranges. Major companies have started offering 5GHz routers to address some common issues relating to internet performance.

However, limited customers buy them and the issue of poor internet connection is still widespread. Let’s expect the routers standardization will help to nullify the case for all.

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If you want to know more about routers and their various standards, let us know in the comments below.

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