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WorldLink Announces a Free Upgrade to Dual-Band Router

Leading ISP Worldlink is offering a free upgrade to a dual-band router for its customers. If you are still on the single-band router, this is your chance to grab its much-touted “Nokia 5 GHz” router home for faster and better WiFi performance.

The dual-band router will be a potent complement to its high-speed plans that offers a combination of uncompromising bandwidth and coverage.

The company announced the news on its Facebook handle. It said, “We have always been striving to make sure that our customers get outstanding services. Hence, you can now upgrade your single-band router to a dual-band router for free. Get yours without any additional charges at your nearest branch! “

The Silver-Jubilee ISP has long pitched for its “5G” router for better WiFi performance and now the company is offering it for free to its customers. The 5 GHz dual-band router brings you high speed at low latency, improved gaming, video streaming, and seamless connectivity. To be more specific, it is more ideal for plans that are either around 100 Mbps or above.

But be noted that the offer is only for those who have received an SMS for this offer. Those who have not yet received the message from the ISP won’t be eligible for a free upgrade to the 5 GHz router. Having a dual band router is one of the ways to improve internet speed at your home.

Recently, the ISP launched its premium 600 Mbps plan, its highest yet surpassing its own Photon 300 series. With it, the company also upgraded its subscriber’s existing low-speed packages. If you were on a 20 Mbps plan, WorldLink has upgraded it to 80 Mbps for free or is on its way to do so. The same goes for other packages too. There is also the news that the company would make 150 Mbps the minimum basic package. These are blazing high-speed packages and they require a router with better specifications to augment their high-speed profiles. The dual-band router fits the bill because it works on two band frequencies, 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz.

WorldLink free dual-band offer
IMG courtesy: WorldLink

The traditional router works on 2.4 GHz frequency only and many routers and devices are still running on this frequency. This incurs more interferences to your network and your internet suffers from less speed, disconnection among other glitches. The dual-band router, however, brings more to your broadband. It runs on 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz hence dual-band. They allow more versatility and flexibility. Running your WiFi router on the 5 GHz band draws far fewer disturbances and brings you better internet consistency. Besides, you can run your WiFi on both these bands for convenience too- where one will give you better coverage and speed, the other less coverage but with much more data rate potential.

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With the internet speed war at its peak, the onus is on WorldLink to shock and awe the evolving internet market. And the ISP hasn’t left any stone unturned yet. Blazing speed, free speed upgrades, Mesh WiFi, and now the dual-band router are part of its commitment to ensuring a world-class service offering from the largest ISP in the country.

WorldLink is currently serving over half a million subscribers across Nepal and carries over 43% of the country’s bandwidth.

What is your opinion on WorldLink’s free offer for the dual-band router upgrade? Do leave your opinion in our comments box below.

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