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WorldLink Launches Photon 600 Mbps Plan With Beacon 3.0 Router

Nepal’s largest Internet Service Provider WorldLink has launched a 600 Mbps internet plan. Dubbed Photon 600, it will be Nepal’s fastest-ever broadband internet offering to date. Similarly, the ISP’s ultimate internet offering would come with Nokia’s Beacon 3.0 Mesh Router System.

The private ISP also announced that its minimum internet package would start at 150 Mbps from now onwards.

The ongoing internet peed war doesn’t seem to thaw as each major ISP keeps enthralling us with their premium offering. In another response to the ongoing speed war frenzy, WorldLink made two bewildering announcements. First, Photon 600 Mbps, the country’s fastest ever internet plan. Second, its announcement that Photon Lite 150 Mbps plan would be its minimum FTHTH offering from now on. And they also revealed their brand ambassador at the product launch event.

Here is what we have experienced for the Worldlink’s fastest 600 Mbps internet at the show.

worldlink 600 Mbps
WorldLink Photon 600 Mbps on

Besides, the ISP says, it will introduce Nokia Beacon 3.0 Mesh router to complement the Photon 600 Mbps plan to ensure a satisfying broadband performance.

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Features of Beacon 3 router

  • Wifi 5 (AC) technology
  • Dual-band Wifi router
  • Supports 3*3 802.11b/g/n 2.4 GHz WLAN
  • Supports 4*4 802.11ac 5GHz WLAN with MU-MIMO
Nokia Beacon 3.0 router

WorldLink made its sensational announcements at its product launch today. The company says it’s over 5.5 lakh customers would enjoy its minimum 150 Mbps internet at an even more affordable cost.

The mega internet plans would be an ideal upgrade for any user from moderate to heavy. They can utilize the 600 Mbps or 150 Mbps plans for work-from-home, watching/streaming videos, large files downloads/uploads, gaming, e-learning, etc.

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150 Mbps connection would be WorldLink’s minimum offering hereafter. The ISP says its basic package (in Photon lite) would come for Rs.14,400 on annual payment which amounts to only Rs.1,200 per month.

Worldlink Internet PackageAnnual SubscriptionPer month
Photon Lite 150 MbpsRs.14,400Rs.1,200
WorldLink’s minimum 150 Mbps plan cost

Likewise, WorldLink would also slash the price on 225 Mbps and 300 Mbps internet plans and terms it as photon lite. The existing users can also subscribe to the new flagship packages. All they need is a dual-band router that guarantees a consistent WiFi performance.

The company believes that they can solve the poor coverage and low-speed problem with the new solution.

Speaking at its product launch today, WorldLink Director Manoj Agrawal said, “WorldLink is always committed to providing quality internet services to consumers at affordable prices. We have unveiled a new plan to make Nepal’s Internet speed as competitive as around the world”.

According to the ISP, the world’s average internet speed is around 80 Mbps. Meanwhile, the ISP says Nepal’s broadband speed averages 22 Mbps. WorldLink, spanning across 5.5 lakh of households expects that its new internet plan to drive the country’s average internet speed to 80 Mbps.

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Nirmal Purja Appointed Brand Ambassador

At the same event today, WorldLink announced that it has appointed Nimral Purja, the mountaineering great as its brand ambassador. Purja is an ex British Gurkha. He has set the world record for summiting the world’s 14 highest peaks in just 6 months. The ever-popular Purja has recently found even greater fame through his Netflix documentary 14 Peaks: Nothing Is Impossible that chronicles his mountain marathon.

Released on November 30, the Netflix documentary has climbed to 7th on the charts. The popular series is available in 191 countries in 31 different translations.

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WorldLink’s Photon 600 Mbps plan is Nepal’s fastest internet plan to date. Likewise, it is the successor to the ISP’s previous Photon 300 Mbps which launched with the Mesh router configuration back in September. This compelling package could keep WorldLink’s customers from switching to other ISPs which have, for their own part also been aggressive in launching their own premium plan in the ongoing #Internetspeedwar.

What do you make of WorldLink’s Photon 600 Mbps plan as well as its 150 Mbps minimum internet plan? Do leave your valuable opinion on its pricing as well as the ongoing speed war frenzy in Nepal.

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