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Huawei Continues its Dominance in 5G RAN Portfolio

Chinese tech leader Huawei has maintained its dominance in the 5G Ran Portfolio. In the latest GlobalData’s H2 2021 report titled 5G RAN: Competitive Landscape Assessment, the company took the pole position. The report is published every 6 months and it’s the third year in a row that Huawei has reigned atop in this segment.

Huawei’s portfolio defeated its competitors in all 4 criteria en route to the pole position. The company outsmarted rivals in Radio Unit Portfolio Breadth, Baseband Unit (BBU) Capacity, Ease of Installation, and Technological Evolution.

Scrambled by US sanctions on its 5G business, this is one testament marking its firm hold on tech & innovation despite wide scrutiny.

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Huawei Leader in 5G RAN Solution on All Fronts

In Radio Unit Portfolio Breadth, the company’s radio product range aids for 5G gigabit experiences. Its continuous innovation better itself over the previous years has allowed it to deploy the hardware across various scenarios. For e.g, MetaAAU improves both 5G network coverage, and efficiency. BladeAAU simplifies 5G deployment at sites with limited space for the antenna. Likewise, the 400MHz ultra-wideband AAU allows operators to exploit fragmented spectrum and create shared multi-operator networks. Similarly, the sub-3 GHz 4T-8T-Massive MIMO multi-antenna ultra-wideband products better spectral and energy efficiency and also reduce costs.

According to Huawei, it offers the largest variety of 5G radio products compared to any competitor for deployment.

As per the report, Huawei BBU5900 leads the industry in BBU capacity with its largest number of cells per unit volume. Besides, it also includes industry-leading 400 MHz mmWave cell capability. The Huawei BBU5900 ensures operators’ return on their investment while boosting their capability to cope with possible traffic growth.

Huawei’s lightweight hardware ahead in the race

Meanwhile, Ease of installation was another criterion that Huawei dominated. Huawei’s 5G RAN is already ahead in its engineering and installation, and tech. It has lightweight devices and compact form factors in addition to other innovative solutions for 5G deployment. These include a 19 kg 64T Massive MIMO AAU, lightweight for one person to carry and install. Another 10 kg 32T Massive MIMO AAU can be deployed in a streets capacity scenario. Then there is Super BladeSite which simplifies 5G deployment with its modular design that eliminates separate room for equipment.

Huawei has also led the industry in technological evolution which spans various areas. For example, its Adoptive High Resolution (AHR) algorithm improves network capacity and user experience. The SingleCell solution helps operators make optimum use of mid and low-band spectrums. The CloudAIR and SuperBAND solutions meanwhile, enable efficient coordination between 4G and 5G for operators. The PowerStar 2.0 improves energy efficiency. Software is another Fortey for the Chinese company.

Huawei is also the first company to pitch 5G’s co-existence with sustainable development.

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Huawei says it will continue its elite products and services delivery keeping user experience and industry demand at the core. With its innovation and cooperation with global partners, the company hopes to take consumer experience to new heights and digitalize all industries.

What do you make of Huawei’s industry-leading dominance in the 5G RAN portfolio? Is the company headed for global supremacy in the fifth-generation network despite the odds from the West? Do share your opinions in the comments below.

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