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Nepal Telecom Celebrates 18th Anniversary, Find Progress

Nepal’s largest telecom operator Nepal Telecom (NTC) celebrated its 18th anniversary today on Magh 22nd 2078. The event was organized at the company’s central office and concluded successfully under the chairmanship of Dr. Baikuntha Aryal, Secretary of MoICT, and the company’s chair of the Management Committee. While other employees and stakeholders joined the program virtually. Find the progress of the company Nepal Telecom so far, as stated by Ntc acting MD.

The ICT Minister Gyanendra Bahadur Karki attended the event as the Chief Guest. Speaking on the occasion, he called on the state-owned telco to continue its lead in Nepal’s competitive telecom sectors. He also encouraged the company to complete fiber laying at Mid-Hill Highway, and expand 4G LTE across the country on time.

Further, he highlighted a need to proliferate FTTH service to local levels to achieve digital inclusivity and uplift Nepal’s economic, social, and educational sectors. Although Ntc’s offers and services are cost-effective, people are less familiar with them. This calls for better advertisement in the coming days, He pointed out.

Karki was thankful to the company for its role in spreading awareness and disseminating vital information during COVID-19’s hard times.

The ICT Minister also inaugurated the commercial launch of VoLTE virtually.

Ntc 18th Anniversary program

Focus on active users and revenue growth

Speaking at the ceremony, MoICT Secretary and Chair of NTC’s Management Committee, Dr. Baikuntha Aryal noted that merely increasing the customer base is not enough. He stressed the company should instead shift focus to improve the number of active users, and increase revenues.

Aryal emphasized that the company’s “services should be so convincing that once users subscribe to them, they don’t think of quitting”. He added that the company should further expand services to every corner of the country and identify the problems in service and sort them out. Likewise, he extended his thankfulness to Ntc for its undying efforts during COVID-19 lockdowns.

NTA’s Chair Purushottam Khanal who was a chief guest highlighted that Ntc’s responsibility is to cater services as desired by its customers. Keeping customers’ satisfaction at the core and providing service is also the challenge, he shared.

Ntc’s Acting MD Pratibha Vaidya shares details

Ntc’s acting MD Pratibha Vaidya was one of the speakers at the anniversary event. Vaidya who succeeded Dilli Ram Adhikari to the post, thanked the company’s management committee, fellow employees, corporate partners, dealers, and the customers for their warmth and support. She also announced the commercial launch of VoLTE and shared details on NT’s 18th Anniversary offers that include both data packs and free VoLTe calls.

Later, she outlined the company’s stats of different services. We have broken them down as below:

Ntc’s customer base reaches 227 million, revenue increases

Vaidya highlighted that Ntc’s customer base has now reached an exceptional 227 million (2.27 crore) till Mangsir. That is 75% of Nepal’s population is directly connected to its services.

Despite the Corona scare, the company collected total revenue of Rs 42.21 billion (42 Arab, 21 crores) in FY 077/78. In the meantime, the company netted a profit of 7.13 billion (7 Arab, 13 crores) in the previous FY. In the current FY 078/79 till Poush, the company collected Rs 21.43 billion (21 Arab, 43 crores) in revenue. Vaidya says it is 5.75% higher than the previous data of the same period.

As for the taxes to the state, in 077/78, the company contributed a total of 27.73 billion (27 Arab, 73 crores) on multiple taxes. These include Income Tax, Value Added Tax, Telecom Service Charge, Ownership Tax, Customs Duty, Royalty, RTDF, Dividend, Property & Vehicle Tax.

On service expansion

NTC now serves 2 crores, 16 lakh, and 45 thousand GSM mobile users. In the CDMA segment, it has 4 lakh, 38 thousand subscribers, and 5 lakh and 29 thousand on its PSTN service.

Similarly in FTTH voice, it has reached 1 lakh, and 74 thousand customers and 1 lakh, 59 thousand on FTTH data service. For WiMAX, there are still 18 thousand and 5 hundred users. The company’s pride is its 4G service. NTC currently has a massive user base of 81 lakh, 74 thousand on its 4G broadband network, and it’s soaring each passing month.

The 4G/LTE project has reached 720 local levels across 77 districts, and the company has completed infrastructure setup in 3,861(91%) sites out of 4,186 sites. Meanwhile, 95% of work is complete in its core network for 4G/LTE. Further, 501 towers have been erected and 451 towers have begun emitting their signals.

4G/LTE expansion has also met with exception data consumption which is dwarfing that of 2G and 3G. The 4G-based VoLTE has already amassed over 1 million (10 lakh) users so far. Out of which, 1 lakh, and 60 thousand are Active users.

At the same time, Vaidya also shared that the company has received approval by telecom authority NTA for 5G and the dialogue is ongoing with the gear vendors for procurement.

FTTH growing

The FTTH (Triple Play) service is accelerating and has reached 63 districts. The company will announce 078/79 Fy as FTTH year and complete 4 lakh lines. Further, the company aims at reaching 2 lakh, and 26 thousand FTTH lines by migrating and Network expansion this FY.

Till Poush, almost 1 lakh, 99 thousand networks have been prepared. In this FY only, 61 thousand, 8 hundred customers have been connected by FTTH Network.

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Infrastructure Development

Vaidya informed that the fiber laying projected is ongoing at a pace in Province 1, Madhes, and Bagamati along the Mid-Hill High Way. So far, 1 thousand, 1 hundred, and 12 km (59.16%) fiber optics have been laid. Besides, High Capacity DWDM System has been installed at 26 sites, and out of those 24 have come into operation.

The company has also agreed on terms to lay cables in Karnali and Far West province. So far, 100 km fiber cable has been laid and the DWDM System has been established at 22 sites. The 16 sites are now ready to start operating, and the company is setting up Core Router at those sites.

Vaidya said this Optical fiber project will be one key project to realize Digital Nepal Framework.

On mobile banking

Ntc has launched Namaste Pay in collaboration with Rastriya Banijya Bank to extend a convenient digital financial service. In its first phase, the company has integrated bank to wallet top-up, mobile balance recharge, drinking water bills payment, etc. Vaidya says the company is in talks with other banks for integration.

Soon, there will be more service integration such as booking bus and flight tickets, internet, and TV payment, School, and college fees. etc.

NTC says Namaste Pay will help to build a more robust cashless society and increase access to digital financial services.

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On employees’ benefits

Likewise, the company has implemented Karmachari Binimayawali, 2078 to better structure its employees’ benefits. With this, the door for position fulfillment has opened up. This will enable the employees’ benefits and encouragement as per their performance and dedication in the coming days.

Besides, Ntc is going to arrange workshops,  and seminars, while announcing a timeframe for promotions/position fulfillment and make its employees techno-friendly.

The Acting MD Vaidya also enumerated Ntc’s upcoming CSR projects and certification programs. We have listed them below for your ease.

  • Providing Ntc’s services to 14 shelter homes for children and old aged for free.
  • Providing sports materials, and free data in at least one community and government schools in each province.
  • Also funding for the feeding of animals and birds at the Jawalakhel zoo
  • Honoring the highest sellers of the company’s recharge cards, and Empos, and
  • Honoring the highest revenue payers on its various services with certificate, and medal
  • Recognizing employees who have served over 20 years with certificate and a medal.

Nepalitelecom congratulates Nepal Telecom on its 18th anniversary and extends best wishes for its continued commitment towards customer-friendly services.

What is your opinion of Nepal Telecom’s services? If you have one particular area they should improve on, you can point it out in the comments below.

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