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NTA Investigating the Fake ‘Bumper Offer’ to win 10 gm Gold’ Messages

Telecom regulator NTA is investigating fake messages that contained bumper offer to win 10 gms Gold. Releasing a notice, the authority has warned people to stay alert to such dubious messages they are receiving on their phones.

Recently, some mobile phone users have received messages containing “Bumper Offer of the Year”. These offers are most likely scams and the authority has initiated a look into the case.

As normal with many such shady messages, the ‘bumper offer’ message contains a link. The message says the user can go to the link and pay Rs.20 to subscribe to the service. When users do this, they will have a chance to win 20 grams of gold. But the link can’t be authenticated and has no origin to identity yet. So, this could be another scam to swindle unsuspecting mobile phone users.  

In actual words, this is the text message mobile phone users are receiving.

“BUMPER OFFER of the year Subscribe to this link in just NPR 20/week and get a chance to win grand prize of 10gms Gold.”

We do suggest that you don’t venture to visit the link.

Worryingly enough, this message has reached thousands of mobile phone users. And many may have played into the act. Now, NTA has begun investigating the authenticity and pinning the source behind it.

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Beware of fake messages

Time and again, we can receive voice or text messages with dubious schemes on phones or mail from unknown sources. Usually, they allure recipients with lottery wins or other expensive gifts and ask for bank card profiles/ (password). These are obviously fake messages but still many fall for them.

Technology has expanded and it has also increased the likelihood of such messages. Not just emails, and texts, we get such spam on WhatsApp, Telegram, and other IMs too. People are motivated to earn easy money through scams which have become easy for certain people due to the widespread use of mobile phones and the internet these days. We all need to be careful with these.

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It is always better to refrain from giving in to such allure and not reveal our passwords and any sensitive details to any site or person online.

Likewise, regarding the bumper offer messages, Nta has urged mobile phone users to stay alert to such suspicious messages.

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Are you one of those to receive such fake offer messages in recent days or some such messages in the past? How have you reacted? Do share in the comments below.  

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