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Ride-Sharing Service Now Legal in Bagmati Province

Bagmati Province made ride-sharing services legal within its jurisdiction. This allows the companies operating through online apps to register at the transport department and serve as legitimate services.

Through the Fiscal Bill 2079, the Bagmati Province government has made it compulsory to register the vehicles used for the purpose of renting private number plates in the ride-sharing app operated through electronic information systems within the state. Now, the operating service providers must mandatorily register at the Ministry by the end of Chaitra.

Previously, ride-sharing service providers are not recognized as ‘legitimate’. They register at the Office of the Company Registrar.

But with the policy revision, ride-sharing services can now be registered at the Department of Transport Management.

As per the bill, the Transport Management Service Office, Hetauda will provide permission to ride-sharing service providers. Likewise, the registration can process further by paying the fee at the transport office. The bill directs all the companies providing ride-sharing services through the app to register by the end of Chaitra.

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Ride-sharing is legal in Bagmati, but why now?

Because it has become uncontrollable and ever more popular.

So far, ride-sharing services have not received favorable treatment from the government yet. Reasoning that privately-owned vehicles should not pick up passengers and charge fees, has discouraged ride-sharing services in the past.

However, ride-sharing has only become more popular. The government for its own part has not been able to either cease it or bind it by law. But Bagmati province has declared it legitimate. Choosing a ride at a convenient price and having a vehicle turn up at your place can prove very delightful to passengers. This has contributed to its popularity and more companies have entered Nepal to provide such service.

But it is also noteworthy that other provinces have not yet formally given their approval for ride-sharing apps.

Article 8 (1) of the Vehicle and Transport Management Act 2049 provides that ‘private vehicles shall not be used for public transport services’. Article 12 of the Act also mentions that a vehicle registered for one purpose shall not be used for another purpose.

However, the Bagmati state government has overridden this act and gave legal status to services such as Tootle and Pathao. This allows private vehicles to operate as public transport in the area specified in the Transport Act.

Bagmati province establishes its own provision to legalize ride-sharing services

Bagmati Province states that such an arrangement is now in place as the management of transportation (four-wheeler and two-wheeler) is in the list of state’s rights in the schedule of the constitution.

On the other hand, the province’s own Rajpatra, in its Transport Management Act 13 (04) states that “Four-wheelers and two-wheelers with a registration certificate for non-commercial purposes will be able to transport passengers by completing the prescribed procedure and insuring passengers for the prescribed fare on their route.”

Due to the lack of regulations, however, companies couldn’t register their services. Bagmati Province will now make arrangements for it.

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Issues in ride-sharing services

Despite growing in popularity, ride-sharing services are not free without their share of problems. While convenient for daily commuters, the quality ride may not always be available for many reasons. Some riders use very old vehicles which causes discomfort and risk to the passengers. Meanwhile, many service providers are still reluctant to offer insurance.

The skirmishes between the rider and passenger also emerge at times. Meanwhile, instances of sexually inappropriate behavior also come to light on occasions. Conflict with taxi drivers is common too. So far, there are no specifications by the government on the fares of ride-sharing services. Also check out: Gyre Ride-Sharing App Launched with Female to Female Ride

What do you want to say about ride-sharing services becoming legal in Bagmati Province? Should other provinces follow it soon? Share your opinion in the comments below.

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