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Beware! A Malware with Fake Nepal Telecom Offer is Spreading

A malware is spreading online with a fake message announcing gifts on the occasion of the 18th Anniversary of Nepal Telecom. Smartphone users have received messages via WhatsApp, Messenger, and other social media as of late.

The message containing a link apparently includes a malware type known as ‘FormBook’. The powerful malware is designed to steal data from devices where it is activated.

Cyber security expert Bijay Limbu says that this malware is originally used to extract sensitive data from the corporate sector in Nepal. Currently, it is spreading all across via social media.

A few days ago, Ncell alerted users against a possible phishing attack through Facebook posts promoting fake offers. Now, this dangerous malware is circulating via social media using the name of Nepal Telecom (NTC). Using the names of telecom companies is becoming an attractive strategy for hackers to entice the victims online. We urge you to never click on any of such suspicious links or posts for your good.

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More on Nepal Telecom 18th Anniversary Malware

As with any malware, this one also uses clickbait and it is doing so with the fake Nepal Telecom 18th Anniversary Celebration gift offer to attract the recipients. To entice the users, the message contains an unfinished sentence that tells how “Everyone can get our anniversary gifts…”. Below has a link that leads to the site which probably does the trick to commit data theft or any harmful act it is designed to do so. We earnestly request, don’t click on it.

Nepal Telecom anniversary malware
The screenshot shows the post with a malware that is circulating recently with fake Nepal Telecom 18th Anniversary offers

The FormBook malware works more potently on desktop computers. However, Mr. Limbu says it can work on any device once a user clicks on it and activates the malicius program.

Hackers design messages or inks with malware programs. they spread it through email, website, free apps, or via posts claiming to offer gifts as is the case here. If you click the ‘message’, the malware activates and starts its malicious activities. This includes stealthily gathering screenshots, data from web browsers, banking apps, keystrokes, etc.

The FormBook malware was first discovered in 2016. The powerful virus is capable of downloading malicious files on the target device. Once it activates on a device, it can download additional files or programs, execute and silently and start collecting data. The virus works under a Malware as a Service model.

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Stay alert!

Cases of malicious programs spreading online are nothing new. A few days back, Ncell even alerted users against a phishing attack with fake offers. But these are only a few representative instances. Time and again, we keep receiving such dubious messages and links in our inboxes. We should only be careful not to click and unknowingly share our data.

Have you yet received the malware showing a false “Nepal Telecom 18th Anniversary Celebration gifts? In which application did you receive it? Do share with us how you reacted to it in the comments below.

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