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More Samsung Galaxy Phones Now Support Bypass Charging, Find how to activate it

The bypass charging feature Samsung introduced on the Galaxy S23 series is rolling out to more Galaxy smartphones. The feature elevates battery utility for those heavy gamers who are very cautious about their Samsung phone’s battery longevity and performance. Samsung officially calls it the “Pause USB Power Delivery” feature.

Bypass charging saves the phone from heating up from charging and also saves battery which is ideal for heavy smartphone gamers who also use their phones while charging. Let’s find out more in detail about the feature.

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What is bypass charging on Samsung smartphones?

Bypass charging allows users to bypass charging on their Galaxy phones. That is, you can use the charge from the power outlet while plugged in without it charging the phone’s battery. So, when it’s being done, your phone’s battery status is not affected. It neither increases nor decreases.

Samsung bypass charging
Samsung’s Bypass Charging feature is available through the Game Launcher app on select Galaxy phones

When not in use, the phone reverts back to its regular battery usage pattern. The advantage of bypass charging is that you can spare the burden of battery strains when it is not required.  

If your Galaxy device has no bypass charging, it works as usual. The power goes to the battery first before other components of the phone can access it.

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What are the benefits?

Bypass charging has many benefits. Especially if you are a heavy phone user and also a gamer who uses the phone plugged in, this feature is for you.

  1. Heating from charging is averted
    Bypass charging avoids your phone from heating during charging. Playing games, and using graphically intensive apps can also raise your phone’s temperature. So, when charging and playing or using apps, your phone’s SoC works to its maximum. Bypass charging averts heat on your phone coming from charging which also makes it easier to handle and perform smoothly. Although remember that the feature works while playing games only.
  2. Battery cycles maintained
    Every phone comes with limited battery cycles and Galaxy devices are no exception. After completing its battery cycles, your phone’s battery starts under-performing before becoming noticeably unbearable. Bypass charging avoids the phone’s other components from having an access to the battery. In essence, bypass charging doesn’t use the battery as it is not charged in the first place. So, battery cycles are saved.
  3. Better battery health
    Theoretically, bypass charging maintains battery health. When the feature is toggled on, the battery is not affected or influenced by charging from the power outlet. So, if you want to prolong the battery of your phone, and optimize its health the best way possible, the feature is helpful.

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How to activate bypass charging on a Samsung Galaxy phone?

The Bypass Charging feature is available through the Game Booster plugin on Galaxy devices. Follow the steps below to activate bypass charging and save battery on your phone:

  1. First, install the Game Booster plugin which should be version It should be on your phone by default. But you may need to update it through the Galaxy Store.
  2. Now, plug in the charging cable.
  3. Open any game on your Galaxy phone from the Game Launcher app.
  4. Minimize the gap and go to Game Booster from the Game Launcher app.
  5. You can notice the Pause USB Power Delivery feature at the bottom. Tap it on to get the bypass feature working only on your phone.

Remember: The feature requires at least a 25W USB PD/PPS charger.

Support devices

Bypass charging is supported by Galaxy S23, S23 Plus, and S23 Ultra. Similarly, the feature is also available on Galaxy Z Fold 2, Galaxy Z Fold 3, Galaxy Z Fold 4, and Galaxy A73. Some Samsung users have said that the feature only worked after using Samsung’s 45W USB PD charger. You need to have your Game Booster app on for it to work which can be updated through the Galaxy Store.

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