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How About Digital Dakshina This Dashain Festival?

Digital Dakshina could and should become a trend this festive season for the right reasons. COVID-19 threats have not faded and online fund transfer has become mainstream. In this, we believe many at the Tika ceremony could integrate the idea of digital Dakshina for this Dashain and following celebrations.

Ever since COVID-19 struck our lives, we have resorted to alternatives that exclude physical contact. Work from home has flourished, online teaching has become a new normal, and virtual business meeting is more prominent. However, there is one thing we Nepalese can add to it during our festivities, and that is digital Dakshina.

With festive times on us, Dakshina will be a key factor for all the celebrators. Traditionally, we offer Dakshina, (a form of monetary payment out of love, joy, and respect) hand to hand or in an envelope. But with the nonnegligible COVID-19 scare, we can resort to the power of the electronic medium that could be beneficial to most of us.

Virtual Tika Was A Thing in 2077 BS

Last year during Dashain and Tihar, social media witnessed something unique, trivial, and still logical. Some Nepalese posted videos and pictures of them receiving a virtual tika on their laptops.

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The lockdown forced relatives distant, however, they found a most immediate hack of turning to technology. on Zoom, Messenger, or any video calling platforms, relatives observed the festival with a shiny giggle. Obviously, the experiment did work for them. On the surface, the idea of a virtual Tika ceremony sounded trivial but it works as an alternative. The idea is to keep ourselves joyful during the festivities; be it physical or virtual.

Dashain’s 10th day is Tika and with it comes a popular part and here we are talking about Dakshina. Since it lacks a straight English translation, we will stick with the Nepali word. Whether it’s Dashain or Tihar, receiving Dakshina forms a core part of those celebrating it with a year’s anticipation. However, COVID-19 threats have not thawed although dissipating. This is why the idea of electronic transfer of Dakshina can be a necessity as well as a new cultural experiment.

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On the other hand, it is also imperative to learn that virtual Dakshina is not only tied to the preventive measure from COVID-19. There is a whole set of merits to not using paper bills. Let’s rephrase, digital money has many advantages over physical paper money. Let’s enumerate some reasons to establish why digital Dakshina will have the upper hand over their real-life counterparts.

Merits of Digital Dakshina

Here are the advantages of Digital Dakshina over the cash Dakshina in the Dashain festival.

COVID-19 measures:
It is already stated but let’s elaborate. One of the key mediums the deadly Coronavirus spreads is through physical contact. Paper bills incur touches from many in a single day which may carry the culprits on them. Not using them would be rational thoughts. That applies even with the freshly produced paper notes.

The major advantage of digital Dakshina will be convenience. No need to carry cash in the pockets. You don’t have to worry about keeping cash in your pockets, dropping them, or possible theft. Just wire the amount over the air and you are good. Similarly, you can transfer the money via scanning QR codes, is not that pretty easy!!

Sparing the blushes:
The Dakshina thing can be super awkward at times in regards to how much one is paying as many also kept it a secret and it could lead to a temporary scuffle. It’s a sweet sibling rivalry thing.

Transferring the blessed money over the air would spare the blushes for the giver and the receiver both. It also helps avoid awkward stares everyone gives while you open start counting the paper bills or draw it out of your pockets.

Sustain paper bills’ life:

Paper bills also have their life span because they are made of materials. The cool thing is by not using them, you will be helping expand their life span. Time and again, Nepal Rastra Bank issues requests to people to be careful with paper bills and not cover them in red tika and puja materials. To no avail, those poor notes get drown in tika during the celebratory days. This deteriorates the physical condition of those notes and their validity gets shortened.

If you don’t use them during the Tika ceremony, it will help them stay from those “adverse situations” and help prolong their survival saving the federal bank huge sums of money.

A New Experiment:
Going digital is fun and cool. Digital payment is mainstream these days and having some loads in our mobile apps does help. Some of the best digital payment platforms like eSewa, Khalti, Fonepay are helping many of us pay online. Receiving Dakshina over such mediums will add some value as via digital cash we could redeem while shopping, top-up, or for other purposes. Let’s just say that we could do it just to break away from the convention and bring noble fun to it.

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These are some of the reasons we believe digital Dakshina could become a trend this festive season. Of course, there could be more, and depending upon your choice of the transaction, you could adopt any form.

Feel free to add more to this opinion piece in the comments below.

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