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How to Celebrate Dashain Festival Online?

Celebrating online Dashain can be a new experience for many of us this year. Sadly, this Dashain is not going to be the same as it used to be since we need to apply several precautions and be safe from the spreading coronavirus. But thankfully, we have digital technology with us that can connect us with our close ones even at such difficult times.

Dashain is the biggest festival of Nepalese that brings joy and warmth to family and strengthens the bond. It is that time of the year when we forget about our problems and just focus on celebrating togetherness with families and friends. There are so many ways to celebrate Dashain digitally that you need to know this year. In this digital age, let’s not just sit back being disappointed with the limitations. Here are some ways that you may find beneficial to celebrate Digital Dashain.

1) Online Tika

Earlier, people far from home used to return to their homes, to their family in Dashain. Elders would offer Dashain tika with lots of blessings and Dakshina. Since we cannot travel from place to place for Dashain tika, what we can do is have an online tika. Offering tika via video call will not only keep us safe from the possible risk of COVID-19 but also, it will give continuity to our ages-long tradition amidst physical barriers. 

The government has also suggested celebrating the festival by remaining at the place wherever you are. This has been recommended to reduce the risk of contaminating with the virus and break the chain of spreading.

For online tika, all you need is a good internet connection on your laptop or smartphone and a video calling app installed in it. Some of the popular video calling apps that you can use are Zoom, Messenger, Skype, Facetime, Viber, WhatsApp, etc. Even if you don’t have WiFi access, you don’t need to worry. Various telecom operators like Nepal Telecom and Ncell are providing Dashain offers in data packs this festive season. Check out the various data pack offers of those telecom companies and purchase them to have an online tika. Find the Dashain offer of Nepal Telecom.

2) Online Dakshina

The most exciting part of Dashain tika has to be the grand feast and, of course, Dakshina. Mostly for children, they enjoy receiving Dakshina from elders during tika. Let’s not leave their hand empty this Dashain.

You can use digital wallets to transfer money as online Dakshina and put a smile on their face. There are various online payment platforms in Nepal that you can use for monetary transactions, such as eSewa, Khalti, IME pay, Prabhu pay, and many more. Some of those online wallets are also providing various Dashain offers on providing Digital Dakshina. Find the Top 5 digital payment/mobile wallets in Nepal.

3) Online shopping

A smart way to avoid crowded markets during Dashain is to do online shopping. On the auspicious occasion of Dashain, several online shopping sites are organizing events that include discounts, free gifts, free delivery, lucky draw, flash sale, and so on. Some of the top Nepali online shopping platforms such as Daraz, Durbarmart, and Sastodeal have already begun festive season offers.

These online shopping sites have partnered with online payment platforms making it easier for customers to pay online. If you were to go outside in the market for shopping, you would have rushed to several stores to buy various things, but with online shopping, you can find all the stuff in one place. You can have anything ranging from clothes, shoes, jewelry, kitchenware, gadgets, furniture, beauty products at the tip of your finger. So, check out their festival offers before it ends.

4) Online games

Dashain is incomplete without cards. Sitting in a circle and playing cards with friends and families is always a memorable part of Dashain. But, is it possible to play cards with this Dashain? Well, the answer is yes.

There are various interactive games on the internet, cards game being one of them. Play cards with your family members online and have fun during Dashain. One of such mobile apps launched recently is CPL (Call break premier league), from Bhoos (the makers of Marriage Online Game). Not only card games, but you can also enjoy other online games like Ludo, which is also by the way suitable for those who do not like to play cards. You can also play solitaire in this festival period. Engaging in games with family and friends will make your time joyful and memorable.

5) Online Food delivery

Another significant feature of Dashain is its food. Most people prefer non-veg delicacies tagged by some beverage. During Dashain, a special feast is prepared, and all the family members would gather around to enjoy the feast. But this year, it is kind of risky to go out in the crowded market for groceries shopping. So, it is better to order food items from home, which is safe as well as an easy option.

There are several Nepali food delivery apps providing service even during such an odd situation with proper precautions and measures such as Foodmandu, Pathao, Bhojdeals, Bhok Lagyo, Foodmario, and many more. Simply order your favorite cuisine and get your order delivered to your doorstep. In this way, we don’t have to leave our home, and we can manage time to enjoy ourselves with family. Moreover, our mother will also get a break from the kitchen during Dashain, for a change.

In the end,

Though the COVID-19 pandemic has brought unwanted problems in our life, it has also opened doors to new opportunities and possibilities, which we wouldn’t have chosen otherwise due to our traditional behavior.

Most people, mainly elderly people were always skeptical about digital platforms. They would rather stand in a queue for long hours to pay bills rather than pay from an online platform because of trust issues. They would never have accepted Dashain Tika offering online if traveling was possible. Now that it’s a need to use online platforms, they are slowly understanding and trusting digital platform.

You can also install Google RCS messaging on your Phone for better communication with your friends and family in this Dashain.

The youths should also calmly teach elders how to use a digital platform. There were a lot of cases heard during lockdown that youngsters would make fun of elders when they couldn’t properly use the digital platform. We urge the young generations not to humiliate them rather teach them to use online platforms so that next time they can use them on their own without anyone’s help. Lastly, please stay at home to avoid the risk of COVID-19 and use the digital platform to celebrate Dashain.

Happy Digital Dashain!!

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