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How To Select The Best Data Packs on Smartphones?

Learn how you can select the most suitable data packs on your smartphone depending on your data requirements.

There is an array of data packs available to smartphone users to meet their needs for internet consumption. However, users get overwhelmed by the types of data packs they have in options. To help them choose the most suitable data packs, we have broken down and explained the types of data packs generally available on all mobile networks. Keep reading.

Most of us carry a smartphone today and spend time browsing the internet. From online shopping to stocks trading, watching YouTube videos, or other social media entertainment, mobile phones have become our favorite devices. The increase in internet consumption is aided by telcos’ cheaper data packs which let customers access the internet anywhere. But there is a litany of mobile phone users who are not clear about which data packs they should subscribe for.

Compared to PayG data (Cellular data without any package), Data packs usage makes it affordable data on the go. Find other importances of mobile data pack.

Customers buy data packs without being considerate of their bandwidth needs and it results in data volume waste. That they are wasting their main balance for a high bandwidth pack they don’t even need. Or it also happens that their volume of data reaches a limit without them realizing as they end up browsing more than they thought. All it leads to money and data exhaustion which can be avoided with a minor consideration.

Set Your Priorities

Choosing data comes down to your priorities. What do you need mobile data for? Is it for watching YouTube videos? For games, movies, or songs download? Or do you need data for online works and classes? If these are the logic behind your mobile data requirements, then you are in for a high-volume subscription. YouTube, movies, online classes take up high volume data.

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For basic to heavy internet consumption, there are all-time data packs, 7 days, or 15 days or 28 days packs. Moreover, there are 4G promotional packs to encourage customers to move towards 4G.

To cater to customers’ specific bandwidth demands, telcos these days provide exclusive packs for YouTube, Facebook, Zoom, and Teams, etc. Except for these, there are regular data packs you can exploit anytime anywhere till the validity period.

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Learn About The Validity Of Data Packs

After you determine what you need mobile data for, it is time to ascertain how long would you need for or decide data packs by duration. There are daily, weekly, seasonal, and all-time packs available.

Further, there are data packs that bring a high volume of bandwidth but for nighttime only. If you are one of those who stay in the dark, such packs serve you best. They are cost-effective and usually, the internet is smoother at night too.

Similarly, there are data packs for the day period only. If you need mobile data mostly for the day period, you can choose the daytime data.

Below we will discuss various data packs in general and who needs them.

All Time Data Packs

If you are an occasional internet user who uses Facebook a few times a day, or Google some pages and has less longing for video-related content but needs a data plan for a long duration, you can choose an all-time data pack. The advantage of regular packs is you can browse the internet anytime anywhere till its validity. There is no time frame drawn on the user. You can select these data packs to browse anything, anywhere, and anytime.

All the major networks offer 20GB to 90GB on these regular packs that run for a month or longer.

For heavy internet users, there are other variations under All Time Data packs which come with a bonus, and combo offers that doubles down on the bandwidth limit. If you want to get more than the basic all-time pack, they could also be your choice. Likewise, the sum for such packs is high too ranging from above Rs. 500.

Daily Pack of 1GB/2GB

For those requiring a huge bandwidth volume for each day, they can resort to daily 1GB/2GB data packs. All the telcos NTC, Ncell, and Smart Cell have larger daily data packs for those who need a huge bandwidth for a day. Ncell has a 2 GB on offer too.

You can choose this data pack to download a large file when your regular data packs won’t suffice. You may be planning on an outing and want to ensure a high-volume data pack on your phone. You can also use such a pack to use as a hotspot for other devices. Find all methods for how to use a mobile data pack on your computer.

These daily packs are for consistent mobile data users. Those who mostly stay online and browse stuff may want these data packs. If you need a file download, video streaming, or watching videos, or attend a video conference, you may opt for it.

4G Plans

Further, there are 4G packs on Ncell and NTC which you can activate to surf at a more affordable value. The telcos offer 4G packs to encourage users to shift towards high volume driven browsing. Such data packs are equally useful for work from home, online classes, and regular online meetings. Meanwhile, Smart Cell only offers 4G broadband service for its customers.

Some 4G packs only have a major chunk of data in the 4G network while some portion is also available to use in all networks. You need to be careful for your phone to remain in 4G mode while using such a 4G specific data pack or bonus volumes on 4G.

Unlimited data

In case, you are in an urgency, and just need some data for a particular purpose such as reading a piece of news, watching one particular video, or something like that, you can subscribe to an hourly unlimited pack. These plans are cost-friendly to suit your internet need for a particular period and can come with an advantage to you.

When you don’t need a high volume of data and that only for a few hours or in the daytime, you can go for the single-day data plan. This low-volume day data pack will be affordable to you.

All major telcos have daily packs under different volume and price ranges.

Find out about all the data packs and how to subscribe:

Similarly, there are 7 days and 15 days data packs available for basic to moderate users on all networks. Depending on which social media, or the contents you surf on your smartphones, you can select any data packs to your liking.

Facebook/YouTube/TikTok Data Packs

If you need a data packs for a particular social media apps, then that is also covered by telcos. You can subscribe to a plan that allows you to browse the chosen platform at a cheaper cost. Such plans come from daily, to weekly and have more days validity. Be careful that if you only have a subscription for one type of social media, and you visit other platforms or sites, your main balance will be deducted.

NTC also has a streaming pack for its users who can utilize the plan to stream videos on YouTube or the company’s OTT platform.

COVID-19 put telecom companies on the onus to offer their customers the most generous data packs to facilitate their connectivity. For online classes, work from home, and entertainment, they kept a slim profit margin and catered affordable data packs to adhere to the times. You can find related packs driven by the lockdown on your network under differing titles.

These are dedicated data packs to those regular works affected by lockdowns. Such high-volume data packs deliver uninterrupted connectivity for learners, workers, or heavy social media users who need consistent connectivity throughout the day.

As these packs are prioritized for online learning and meetings, they have huge data volume for some video conferencing apps. So, please subscribe to the package only if you do use such apps for your work or learning.

Festival Offers

Besides, regular data packs, telcos offer highly affordable festival offers during festive seasons. Especially Dashain through Tihar, the country gets into the festive mood, and connectivity is required maximum. At this time, Nepali telcos launch various data packs and other offers to cash in on the marketing season of the year.

This year is no exception either. Ncell has its Dashain Tihar offer with a PayG discount and a refill bonus. Similarly, NTC has its own festival offer spanning through to Tihar. You can select these data packs for added communication as they bring both voice calls and data packs, at cost-efficient rates.

Our Final Suggestions

In this post, we explored various data packs available to us on major mobile networks. As we saw, the companies offer these data packs targeting users who consume the internet from basic to high volume. Depending on the packages, they come at various prices and validity. It all depends upon the frequency and the content your browsing consumes over the internet.

If you are a constant internet user who does it all; downloading, social media, video calls, play games regularly, choose a large volume data pack. They come with high bandwidth volume, are cheaper, and have a longer validity period.

If you mostly engage on social media, then better to choose a dedicated social media pack. If you do stay awake at night, then choose a night pack which comes cheap and the internet also runs fast during night hours. In case, your browsing is minimal, choose a normal regular all-time pack that will cover you well enough for weeks to a month.

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Subscribing to data packs has become common but many are indifferent to how much they use the internet and about the data volume they have or not. We suggest that you be wise and use a data monitoring app to actively check on your data volume progress as you begin browsing after selecting data packs. You can also resort to default data checkers on your smartphone.

Which data packs do you often subscribe to? Do you use any third-party data monitoring app to keep track of data consumption? Do let us know your experience with data packs in the comments.

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