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National ID Card Benefits, Process to Apply | FAQs

The government of Nepal has recently accelerated issuing National ID card issuance to eligible citizens. Smart and digital, these cards are federally distributed and carry user data on a chip. Once fully implemented, these cards will replace citizenship and serve as a one-all for all the public services in the country. But many are still curious over the necessity, uses, and benefits as citizenship still remain central to public services. In it, it calls for an in-depth look into several questions people are asking about these cards. So here in this post, we will delve around many such Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about National ID Cards and try to answer as many of them as possible, including the process to take. But before that, let’s start with how the government is issuing these digital cards.

The government announced the plan for National ID cards with biometric security in its 066/67 budget speech that the citizens could use to go to an election.  Later on 2067/04/01, the government set up National ID Management Center with central authority under Home Ministry. Later, it merged with the Civil Registration Department. Now, the National ID card project proceeds under the Department of National ID and Civil Registration.

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National ID card Project in Nepal

The government kick-started the National ID project in Nepal with a successful experiment in 075/76 by issuing it to the citizens of Panchthar and the employees from Singh Durbar offices.

Bhagwati Devi Bhandari of 101 of Panchthar was the first to receive the National ID card by the then Minister of Home Affairs, Hon’ble Ram Bahadur Thapa. Now, the government plans on issuing these cards to all the eligible citizens in 3 phases. Let’s learn more about National IDs in detail below.

Fast forward to 2022, the DoNIDCR issues around 1,200 tokens per day to distribute the National IDs across the country. Of which, a total of 300 tokens are issued inside Kathmandu alone.

Now, let’s cut to the chase and bring to you Frequently Asked Questions about National ID cards and answers to them.

What Are National ID Cards?

National ID Cards are digital cards that hold a bearer’s personal and biometric data on a chip. These are federally distributed and will be central to citizens’ authentication and public services in the future.

How Will They Be Useful?

Once all the citizens receive these cards, they will be useful for all the public services a citizen receives. For eg.,

  • These cards carry detail relating to birth, date, migration, marriage, divorce etc.
  • Be useful to verify social security benefits
  • Store citizens’ detail and integrate them for public existing and future services offered by the government.

What Details Do the National IDs Store?

A National ID carries essential information of a bearer for authentication. This includes personal details such as:

  • Name, Surname,
  • Date of Birth (DoB), Caste, Sex,
  • Name of Father and Mother,
  • Type of Citizenship,
  • Name of Husband, Wife, Grandfather etc.  

Likewise, it also stores one’s biometric details like:

  • Finger print of ten fingers
  • Iris (Eye)

Besides, it carries other characteristics such as:

  • A unique identity number
  • Photo
  • Nationality
  • Signature
  • A chip

Who are eligible?

To systematically issue these smart cards, the government has formulated various strategic action plans. Such as the Strategic Action Plan for National Identity Scheme, 2075, and another action plan to collect details of people with citizenship. That means, to obtain a National ID card, a Nepali citizen must carry citizenship.

Besides, the candidate must be at least 16 years of age and must apply to the administration or the officer as prescribed by the DoNIDCR. While doing so, the candidate must submit the fingerprint of 10 fingers prints, a digital photo, digital signature, and other personal and biometric detail.

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What Are The Benefits Of National ID card?

As we mentioned above, National ID cards stress providing citizens public services and bring a host of benefits to the cardholders. These include:

  • The cards serving as a national ID
  • Work as a voter’s ID.
  • As a medium to receive all public services
  • For social security benefits
  • For ensuring safety of a citizen

Where do we get National IDs from?

Currently, the government agencies are collecting individual data from eligible citizens for the National IDs. Once, these cards are prepared, they are issued from the District Administration Office of the concerned district or from the venues as designated by the DoNIDCR.

What is The Chip On These Cards?

The National IDs are digital cards that have a chip containing an individual’s personal and biometric detail hence “smart”. Aside from containing vital personal and biometric detail, the chip also contains the individual’s PAN, Driving License, and other detail too.

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How Secure Are They?

The holder of the card can check into the detail when needed. But, the privilege is restricted for foreign use by any agency except for in emergency conditions as allowed by the law. Meanwhile, the card keeps records of who checked the detail, and when. This is why one can stay assured regarding the safety and security of their personal data and its use.

Can You Get a Copy If You Lose It?

Yes, there is a provision that allows you to get a copy of your National ID if you lose it or become useless for some reason. For this, you must visit a concerned local body seeking a recommendation for a copy of your National ID card. Once the officer verifies it, you will be eligible to receive a copy of your card from the District Administration.

What is The National ID Number?

It is one of the most asked questions. The National ID number is the unique sequence of numbers specific to each National ID card. When you receive your card, you get a unique code that will correspond with your card. It is also called Individual Unique Number.

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What Happens to the Citizenship?

It is certain that National IDs will override citizenship cards one day. But for now, both are constitutionally approved and carry the significance of their own. They will both serve their own benefits till the government decides to act otherwise.

National ID card application in Nepal

How Can I Apply for My National ID Card?

You can apply online for pre-enrollment of your National ID card from this link. For that, you need to input your mobile contact on which you will receive an OTP code. Once you insert it, you can fill up the form and visit your designated office for further procedures.

Get National ID Card Number via SMS

The government has made National ID cards mandatory for e-passports and the government is likely to tag them to multiple other services in the coming days. And if you have registered yourself for the National ID Card you may probably have your unique ID number. In case you have not, you can get it easily via an SMS.

To get your National ID Card unique number via SMS, you need to follow the steps below:

  • Launch Messaging app on your phone
  • Type N <space> 16 digit application number.
  • Send to 30001.

To illustrate, if your application number is 1234567890000000, then you have to type N 1234567890000000 and send it to 30001.

After this, you will receive a message containing your unique National ID number. If you still do not get it, you can contact the Depart over WhatsApp with different contacts for different provinces. If you live in Bagmati, or Gandaki province, 9851316034, for Lumbini, Karnali, and Far-West contact at 9851316035. Remember that you need to send a screenshot of your confirmation page, voucher, and message response to your corresponding WhatsApp contact for further process.

These are the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about National ID cards. If you have more to learn about it, do leave a comment below.

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