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Being ‘Always Online With Mobile Data: Pros And Cons

How often do you utilize the mobile data service on your phone? Are you somebody who needs mobile data to be ‘Always online or do you prefer to use it only in some emergency condition? No matter how you use your mobile data service, it’s very beneficial to know the advantages and disadvantages of being online all the time.

For mobile data, you get an option of either 3G or 4G mobile network for decent internet speed. The term 4G stands for the 4th Generation of the broadband cellular network which was implemented after 3G. Nepal Telecom launched 4G LTE for the first time on 1st January 2017 in Nepal. Then they expanded widely along with other telcos in a matter of a few years. It has been very popular among the Nepalese since then. Also, it is undoubtedly the most used mobile broadband internet as of now. Almost everybody has access to it. It is what makes it most easy for people to use the internet while they are out of the wifi service. Check out the best way to use mobile data.

Let’s start discussing the advantages and disadvantages of being online all the time.


  • Being online all the time means being able to access the internet anytime, anywhere with any device and technology. You can stay connected to your social media accounts wherever you want to without having to worry about the wifi.
  • Secondly, staying online all the time will help you stay more updated and connected with the people and the news. You can find out about the latest news and updates. Also, you won’t miss out on any important piece of information on the web.
  • Another most helpful feature is that it will help you track your location and the places around you. This is very useful while you are traveling to a new location or some destination.
  • Also check the advantages of fast internet speed.
  • Most mobile phones now have features that record the number of your footsteps, track your heart rate, and the calories you burned throughout the day. Being on the internet all the time help you to share/record your activity. This will assist you stay conscious about your health. This might be very useful to the people who are very conscious about their diet and exercise.
  • Being connected with your 3G/4G data all the time will help you attend urgent meetings online from anywhere. It will make sure you stay in touch for your business or with the important people in your life whom you really care for. You wouldn’t want to miss any urgent meetings and important emails/social media/IM messages from your family or your work clients. And being always online with mobile data helps you out in that.
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  • Most applications on our devices these days are online and likely require the internet to function. So, if you stay connected to the internet all the time you can access such apps. You can listen to music, stream videos, use your google calendars, reminders, notes across multiple devices and also search out meanings for words/technology/topics right away.
  • The most important feature of mobile data specially 4G is its high speed, high capacity, and high bandwidth. You can use the internet without any disruptions and also download files of bigger sizes in less time.
  • Last but not least, the telecom operators oftentimes provide big offers on mobile data packages. It might help you afford the mobile data service at very fewer charges. So, you can utilize the various data packages in any way you want to.

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Now, let’s shift the focus of our discussion to the disadvantages of staying online all the time and why you shouldn’t always be on your 3G/4G.

  • The first point is that it is very expensive. Being connected to the internet all the time will cost you to pay extra bills. Sometimes, even using very little data can empty up your phone balance in seconds if not utilized properly. 
  • Staying online all the time definitely uses up more battery. Since all the applications on your mobile phone will be active while you are online, your battery consumption will be very high. 
  • Sometimes the mobile data mightn’t be as efficient as it promises to be. You might have already paid for your mobile data service, but it might still show no sign of the internet being connected or your page being loaded in some cases.
  • Talking about the same, there might be some areas where you will find no signals at all. No matter how hard you try, your phone will show no signal bar, and your mobile data won’t work though you might have to pay for it.
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  • There will be a threat to your privacy if you stay online all the time and aren’t conscious about the sites you visit. You might be unknowingly giving away your important information through the sites you are logged in on. Sometimes, hackers might find you and steal your data and information if you do not access the internet securely.
  • Being on your mobile data like 4G all the time will keep you distracted. In today’s age when we are constantly either checking our social media on our phones or working, even a little time away from wifi-connected places would help us have a great time with family and friends. However, it wouldn’t be the same scenario if we had the internet connected all the time.

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So, it all depends upon you if you want to use your mobile data or not. While some people might feel the need to be online all the time, some would like to use the internet only for a limited time and only when necessary.

All in all, what do you think about having your mobile phone connected to the internet all the time? Let us know in the comments below.

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