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What are the advantages of fast internet speed?

Well, fast internet is still out of reach to many of us. Some of us have been lucky to use fast internet from a long time. There are still some people who opt for slower internet due to the extra price that comes along. But others have no option at all but to stick with the sluggish internet. This post we are providing you the advantages of fast internet for the things that it can enable.

Fast internet means fast web browsing, fast download/upload, fast streaming and all fast works on the internet. You will rely on fast internet for all digital works that you do on your computer or mobile. The fast internet speed may differ from your choice of content and the place you live. But for now, we can say any internet speed above 10 to 15 Mbps is fast internet for both mobile and home broadband.

So, fast internet makes you

  • fast for doing things on the internet and give more time for other stuff.
  • Productive for the result out of the internet, being faster makes more efficient.
  • able to Earn money by doing business on the internet, running websites or some contents like video on YouTube or others.
  • do perfect communication and entertainment from the internet.

Fast internet allows you to

  • Take quick information out of the internet. You will never run out of information.
  • Save money for buying a newspaper or books. You can always rely on the internet for news and cheaper digital books.
  • Save time for streaming or browsing. If you have video content or some rich text, then you will save time for the content to reach you.
  • share multiple users with the same internet. This is especially for the home internet, which can be shared for multiple people in a family, each experiencing enough fast speed.
  • Start a new business or promote your existing business with the internet.
  • If you have access to some content, put it in some platform to earn money. If you are an expert, make some video to start a YouTube channel and earn money. Or even start a website for it.
  • Have better multimedia experience with high fidelity or quality. So, you can either download HD quality video contents/movies from the internet or stream it while watching.
  • Learn some professional knowledge or skills out of the internet from the experts.
  • Save voice call bills by using OTT applications. You can also do video call face to face using OTT apps like Viber, WhatsApp, Messenger, Wechat, Skype. Makes you connected with your family, friends all the time. Find top video streaming apps in Nepal.
  • Have easy business conversation using several meeting platforms like WebEx or other free meeting applications.
  • be active in social media, create a group of similar type of people and lead them for good cause.
  • Solve complex problems or even homework or project work or thesis reference from the internet. You don’t have to stick somewhere in any problem solving, just search or ask a big community out there.
  • save some storage in your phone or computer by putting the important documents and backup in the cloud. It also allows your important document to be safe and accessed anytime required.
  • Play interactive games with your friends or family.
  • Do online shopping, buy online tickets, pay for utilities which saves your precious time/money for your requirements. You can also check the three-dimensional view of the products before buying. In the future, you can check how the clothes or other items look on you in the online shop.
  • use many other digital platforms for making your life easy like calling for taxi, maintenance, map navigation e.t.c.

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Having talked all of the advantages above, well you can also have some disadvantages with fast internet. You may be hooked on to the fast internet, use social media for more time, be fond of the virtual stuff and become addicted. This way, you may lose in-person interactions and in the long term, will affect your ability to communicate with real people. Hence, we need to be careful of keeping the addiction level with the social networking apps, in a limit.

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