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How to check internet speed in your PC or mobile?

The internet speed from ISP or Mobile operator is always less than that they have promised. So, you must check the internet speed to compare it with the claimed ones, to make sure you are getting the quality of service that you are paying for. Even the test results will give you some hint at changing your current service provider. Gone are the days when you download a file and check the time it took to calculate the average speed. Nowadays we have different options to review the internet service together with more information from some sites and apps. Here are some of the options. The most popular speed testing website is, which is also the first one if you search in Google with keyword “speed test”. Only downfall with the website like official website is that it requires flash making some problems in mobile browser for which they have launched their mobile app named that is available for Android, iOS and Windows.

To check the internet speed from

  • Go to the website
  • Click the begin test tab above the map of your place.
  • It will take some time to ping the nearest server and provide the download/ upload speed.
  • You can even share the result through Facebook, twitter or copy the link to embed it in other places. uses HTML5 technology and requires no java, flash. So, it is faster than and it works well on all iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows 8 and other mobile devices as well as desktop computers.
  • Go the website
  • Click the start test icon.
  • It will give you real time speed of download and upload for 30 seconds and 15 seconds respectively.
  • Also the average speed is shown in the end which can be shared where ever you like.

Don’t rely on a single test as there may be some bad things happening to the network in that particular moment. So to have a best check, do the testing in different hours including the peak hour.

Please do share your internet speed below in the comment box along with the ISP or mobile operator.

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