Cost of Wimax CPE in Nepal.

March 29, 2013: WiMAX– Latest Internet technology in Nepal, created hype in people for the Internet service to be ubiquitous and cheap but the need to have extra WiMAX device for the computer which is not that cheap, made people hesitant to buy the service.  Some even claim that being a government owned company, Nepal Telecom services always lag good support, another reason for people restiveness. Though the service sale is taking its pace, there are some thing that people need to understand. For the price of the WiMAX device (CPE), NT has made an Introductory offer of 50 percent discount in the packages for 3 month subscription to make up for the high initial cost of the CPE/modem. Another thing is they have outsourced the device selling and support to a private firm which is responsible for selling, configuring the WiMAX CPE and support for different problems from Nepal Telecom Customer center opened in core parts of the city and being extended to other parts as well.
Currently there are three different types of CPE- Outdoor CPE, Indoor CPE and USB dongle. NT tells its customer that Outdoor CPE can work in 15 km from the Wimax tower, whereas Indoor CPE and USB dongle works for just 5 km and 2 km distance from the WiMAX Base station.


If you have already bought and used the WiMAX service, please feel free to write your feedback below in the comment box.
Here is the price of the device shown in the picture below. Click to enlarge.