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Ntc free internet using HTTP injector and similar apps is illegal?

It’s viral now that you can actually use free internet from Ntc using some tricks. Previously, it had happened with Ncell as well after which they used stringent blocking. So, we can expect the same from Ntc soon. We would like to start the issue of using the free internet by HTTP injector and some other apps be illegal and unethical. Even there are some apps which are promoting this free internet browsing stuffs which is for easy money. Lets first know how are they doing Ntc free internet and feedback what do you think of it.

It is not a rocket science that you can do the trick on your own using the apps. You can easily do this with some apps like “HTTP injector” or KPN tunnel or Web tunnel and use some configuration file that is easily available here and there. (The HTTP injector app is actually meant for the secured personal internet (without providing your identity) and access blocked sites.) After having the app, you need to constantly change the configuration file if it does not work. Also, it is not certain that the free internet will work all the time. You need to have balance near 0 to make it work. You will also have less risk, as you may be only there to check if it works. You also need to change the apn to Ntwap for the free internet to work.

We would also like to be open, if you want to know the free ways to do it. Here is the video link just for informational purpose and the steps of enabling Ntc free internet. But we do not promote such free internet. Read below for more comment of ours and discuss if you have other opinion.

  • You need to have balance near 0. Check the balance before.
  • Download apps like HTTP injector, Web Tunnel, KPN tunnel.
  • Have the configuration file (.ehi file) to use it in the apps above. Download it before.
  • Put Ntwap as an APN with some settings.
  • You may need Free DNS server to make it work for other apps than HTTP injector .
  • Use the app to make it work.
  • It also works with Ntc 2G, 3G and 4G depending upon the availability.

Free internet but are you going to use it?

Let’s think from a customer way. Using a simple way to get free internet is what encourages people to do it and save some bucks. You may think Its obvious any one would do go for it. Now lets turn to operators way, will you do it to save some hundred bucks or do some extra downloads for videos, movies and video chats (all instant entertainment) to rob a company. You know there is a lot of investment (you can not even imagine) to bring the telecom equipment, there are engineers who run and maintain the system and there are whole lot of other employees who make it happen. Do you want to rob all them, for your easy entertainment?

OR some people may even blame the company for not putting stringent measures to stop it. It is a partial true whereas they may do the blocking sooner or later.¬†Some may even argue it is a kind of hacking that is ethical. But, are you going to steal someone’s house, if you know they don’t lock their home? Think about it.

There are chances that the ones who are encouraging this purposely be penalized or taken into consideration for legality.

As we started the issue of Ntc free internet using some tricks being illegal and unethical, tell us what do you think of it?

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