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Ntc Unlimited Data pack, All Time, Night-time

How to subscribe Ntc unlimited data pack?

Ntc introduced the unlimited data pack for some years. That time, they performed a test with their first true unlimited night data pack for its customers which was available for a limited period. Now, they have provided an all-time unlimited data pack to their customers. Find all of such offers in the unlimited data packs below.

Ntc offers an unlimited internet pack for all time and nighttime. The night unlimited data packs are valid for a day and a week. The unlimited night data pack is only valid for the period from 11 pm to 6 am. There is an unlimited internet pack for an hour that provides unlimited data, voice (on-net), and SMS (on-net) for an hour. With the start of the new year 2078, Nepal Telecom adds another attractive package for unlimited data which is the two hours unlimited usage.

We find that most people use the unlimited pack for data when they have slow or no wifi for some period. Whereas if you have to make longer calls and hundreds of messages (like festival wishes) in an hour, then also you can use this 1-hour unlimited offer.

Then the latest two hours unlimited data at Rs 30 will also help you to do continuous streaming or online study.

Ntc unlimited data pack

Here are the details of the unlimited data pack in Nepal Telecom (NTC).

S.NNtc unlimited data packValidityPrice
1Night unlimited data for a dayNight period ( 11 pm to 6 am)Rs 20
27 days night unlimited data7 days, night periodRs 90
3Unlimited one-hour data packOne hourRs 20
4Unlimited 2 hours data pack2 hoursRs 30

The above cost is inclusive of the regular taxes. We find that the NTC unlimited data packs have some limited data volume to offer at first with regular speed, after which the internet speed decreases.

How much data (MB/GB) do we get with Ntc unlimited plan?

Though Ntc unlimited data provides an unlimited data package, you will have a slower connection after some data volume is consumed. So, there is a certain threshold of data volume in the Ntc unlimited plan.

As known, after the consumption of the data volume of 1GB in the unlimited pack, the speed will fall back to 256 kbps speed which is a Fair Usage Policy (FUP). But customers can surf unlimited data volume with the fallback speed. Please be noted that a single subscription can only be made for the unlimited one-hour internet pack.

Similarly, there is such limited volume for two hours unlimited pack as well, which

Significance of Unlimited pack

The unlimited data pack is beneficial to customers when they need to stream multimedia or download/upload big files. We have found people to use the unlimited data pack when they go live on social media like Facebook live or IGTV. Some even use it to download big files from Torrent. It also comes in handy for the people who keep on traveling outdoors and use social media to update their travel/visit/events for some period.

How to subscribe Ntc unlimited pack?

Here is the process to subscribe or take the unlimited data pack by SMS.

  • To subscribe to the NTC unlimited data pack, you need to send a message
    • NUNL to 1415 for night time unlimited data pack
    • UNL7 to 1415 for 7 days unlimited data pack
  • To subscribe to the Ntc unlimited data pack of one hour, you need
    • send a message Fdpack to 1415
  • In this one-hour unlimited data pack, you can get unlimited data and make unlimited calls, SMS within Ntc number only.
  • The two hours unlimited pack only includes data to use in that period.


Using USSD Code, customers can also subscribe to unlimited night data packs

  • by dialing *1415# and select 3 or dial *1415*3# or dial *1415*8# and select the packs inside.

Customers can also buy the unlimited data pack either from the Self-care portal or their app.

Tell us what do you think of Ntc unlimited internet pack offer and how often do you subscribe to it?

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