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Prabhu TV launches, Find Availability and price

Prabhu Group has launched Nepal’s first wireless digital terrestrial TV called Prabhu TV. Digital Terrestrial TV is based on DVB-T2 broadcasting technology. They launched the TV in a program in the capital on June 17, 2018, Sunday. In the first phase, it will be available in Kathmandu, Pokhara, and Chitwan. Read below for the Prabhu TV price for different packages.

They claim this TV technology is used for the first time in South Asia. After the first phase, they will launch it n Itahari, Dharan, and Biratnagar within 3 months.

What is DVB-T2 technology?

DVB-T2 is the second generation of the digital video broadcast by terrestrial means, which broadcasts SD and HD TV channels with other multimedia contents through Wireless. Unlike the regular cable and internet TV, Prabhu TV does not require wires like Optical fiber or coaxial cable. Instead, it uses an antenna and set-top box.

Prabhu TV price

In the first phase, they will charge a flat subscription for all the TV channels. The price of the Prabhu TV subscription for six months is Rs 2600. Similarly, the price of Prabhu TV for one year is Rs 4000. There are altogether 115+ popular channels available now. This price is for individual users at home. The set-top box will cost Rs 1000.

Prabhu TV website gives more updated info about several TV packages. Some of the earlier packages are:

Single user packages

  • The basic package of 120+ Digital channels
    • Price: Rs100 for 6 months, Rs 2000 for 12 months
    • After the first offer, they will charge Rs 200 per month.
    • Subscription cost: Rs 1000 for STB
  • The premium package of 50+ including 32 HD channels
    • Price: Rs 1600 for six months, Rs 3000 for 12 months
    • After the first offer, they will charge Rs 300 per month
    • Subscription cost: Rs 1000 for STB

Corporate users packages for 10 or above STB

  • Basic package
    • Rs 150 per 1 STB for a month
    • Subscription charge: Rs 800 per STB
  • Premium package
    • Rs 200 per 1 STB for a month
    • Subscription charge: Rs 800 per STB

OTT packages

Prabhu TV will also launch their OTT app with which people can watch it in Mobile, tablet, and computer. There are ranges of different type of TV channels like Kid, sports, music, movies, entertainment, infotainment. You can also subscribe for a day, week or month with price from Rs 10 to Rs 200. Subscription of any packages will provide all Nepali TV channels for free.

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