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How to report lost or stolen mobile phone IMEI online?

People need to either visit the Police station or the telcos to request for the lost or stolen phones. As NTA has started to register complains about the lost/stolen mobile phones, now people need not spend some time to visit those places. With the same portal earlier used for registration of mobile phone IMEI from NTA, you can report online for the lost/stolen mobile phone in Nepal. Here is the process for how to report the lost phone in Nepal.

To report for the stolen/lost phone online, at first, you need to log in to the NTA portal for EIR. If you already have the account in the portal,  you can log in and register your phone there. If you have not created an account in the portal, you need to create your login as an individual user and provide the detailed information in the form. They will approve later once the information is verified. You also need to provide the scanned copy of any identification of yours like citizenship card or passport.

NTA will use the information provided and ask the telecom operators to search for the mentioned mobile phone. They will also send information about the mobile phone to the Police. As it is one stop solution to report lost phone, people need not wander around in search of their lost phones.

Before, people need to visit the police station time and again to ask if they have found their mobile phones. Some people also visit the telcos office to get information about their phones.

Once the lost phone is found or mobile phones whereabouts is known, either police or NTA will inform the respective owner. This is the early phase of reporting the lost mobile phone. This part will be full-fledged once the central EIR or MDMS system comes into operation.

If the information provided is incomplete, NTA will inform about the information from online. They have also enabled to track or block their mobile phone from the system itself.


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