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CG telecom to start 4G service in 2019

Supreme Court decision instructs NTA to give permission to CG telecom for Mobile service operation, on December 27, 2018. The decision paves the way for the CG telecom to bring the mobile service into operation within some time. As known, CG telecom will start 4G service within 2019.

SC’s Judge Dipak Raj Joshi made the decision in favor of CG telecom. Government had already decided to provide basic telephony license to CG Telecom back in Jestha 14, 2074. But NTA invited telcos for the auction of residual spectrum in 900/1800/2100 MHz band on Poush 4, 2075. Then CG telecom went to Supreme Court against the frequency auction, which hinders them from getting frequency spectrum. Without frequency spectrum, No telecom operator can start any of the mobile service operation (2G, 3G, 4G).

The SC decision directs NTA to treat CG telecom in the same way as other telecom operators. Putting the spectrum auction on hold, SC instructs NTA not to hinder in any way for the operation of Mobile service by giving permission to bring equipment and operate with frequency spectrum. Read more about SC decision on the spectrum auction.

Unified License

After getting the unified license on Jestha 14, 2074, CG telecom had ramped up their effort for technical and financial management required for the operation of Mobile service. But the NTA had not been positive in providing frequency spectrum and approval to import telecom (radio) equipment to CG Telecom. That hindered CG telecom to install new equipment and operate the Mobile service.

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With the removal of all the hindrances for the CG telecom, they believe NTA will facilitate them for their works to bring in equipment. They also believe it will help to participate in healthy competitive environment among telcos. They will also speed up their works for the operation of Mobile service as soon as possible.

CG telecom had already started paying the pending sum for the royalty and frequency fees in installment. Out of total 360 million rupees, CG telecom paid the first installement to NTA. Chaudhary Group’s Spokesperson Mr. Madhusudhan Poudel informs of their excitement for the SC decision and will increase their pace for the mobile network developement.

CG Telecom is a subsidiary of Chaudhary Group, the multi-national company from Nepal which maufacturers Wai Wai, owns Nabil Bank, CG Electronics, Hotels and more.

CG Telecom 4G service

As known, CG telecom will bring the latest 4G technology and services to the customer soon. The company tells they will provide HD quality voice and affordable high speed data service to the people. Spokesperson also mentions that CG telecom’s mobile service will revolutionize the telecom sector of Nepal.

They have already appointed required employees and consultants for the selection of appropriate vendors for the mobile network. Spokesperson Mr. Paudel also hinted that they have already finalized the Strategic partnership with world renowned International company.

They have also made some contracts/deals with vendors for the telecom equipment, data center establishment and Disaster recovery location. They have also prepared infrastructures like BTS tower and developing backhaul link. Similalry, they have already put the Space/rent contracts for tower in cities like Kathmandu/Pokhara in place. So, the spokesperson beleives that CG telecom mobile (4G) service will come into operation within 2019.


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