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Online Recharge For Nepal Telecom and Ncell

In this post, we are going to provide the procedure and information for online recharge in Nepal Telecom and Ncell. These days, people prefer doing things online for most of the tasks. And recharging your account for the telecom services is also no exception. Nepal Telecom (NTC) and Ncell are the two top telecom service provider in Nepal. Here we will include detailed procedures and information to do the online recharge for various telecom services including mobile SIM cards.

People still follow the previous method of recharging their phone which is via recharge card. Nepal Telecom and Ncell have their own recharge cards to top-up their customer’s balance. Nepal Telecom has many services like a landline, ADSL, WiMAX e.t.c, other than its GSM/CDMA mobile service. Whereas Ncell just has mobile service in GSM.

Using physical recharge cards but online.

People also use physical recharge cards to top up their balance online. They do not have to remember the process and number to dial for the recharge. They have their own portal to do it online. Nepal Telecom (NTC) provides an online recharge portal in self-care to recharge all of their services like a landline, ADSL, WiMAX, SIP phone, GSM, and CDMA prepaid, postpaid mobile.

You just have to enter the customer number, which is a mobile number for GSM, CDMA SIM and then the recharge card pin number. There is also a captcha image text to prevent automated tools to do the recharge. OR you can also use the scanning feature in the Nepal Telecom mobile app.

Similarly, Ncell also provides online recharge through their portal. Visit the portal and click the recharge card tab on the right. Enter the mobile number and the recharge PIN and then click “I am not a robot”. Then the recharge is successful for your mobile number.

Using mobile wallets

People can also recharge their telecom services with digital/mobile wallets. This is one of the services that these online payment service providers give in the first phase. There are many such digital wallets in Nepal. Here is the list of Popular mobile wallets in Nepal for digital payments.

Just select one of them, make sure you load enough balance in the wallet either loading funds from the bank or asking friends/family to transfer. Then go to the top up and recharge section, enter your mobile number and the amount, then it will recharge your mobile with the amount you mentioned.

There are some apps or payment providers that let to recharge mobile phones using international payments like PayPal and others. Here are some of them like Ding,, connect2Nepal, Nepalekart e.t.c.

Using Credit/debit card

Ncell has long launched the method to recharge your mobile recharge using a credit card and debit card. You need to visit their portal, select debit/credit card, Enter your mobile number, and the amount of Rs 100 to Rs 10,000. After this, it will go to a separate page of Nabil bank as the service is provided by Nabil bank.

You need to enter the details of your bank cards to do the recharge from the master card or visa card or Union pay cards.

Similarly, Ntc has also launched the online recharge method using a debit/credit card. The card payment or recharge facility in Ntc is also provided in partnership with the Nabil bank. The procedure to use the recharge from the card in Ntc is similar to that of Ncell. Read more on Ntc online recharge using cards.

If you are from abroad and in urgent need of Online recharge for Nepal Telecom and Ncell SIM card, you can contact us on our Facebook page. Or if you have any general queries, you can ask below in the comments.

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