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Ntc postpaid SIM now available at just Rs 945

Ntc Postpaid SIM, landline phone and transfer cost reduces heavily with new budget.

Nepal Telecom has reduced the price of postpaid SIM to Rs 945, with the start of the new Fiscal Year. The new price is effective from Shrawan 1, 2076.

As the new Fiscal year budget and Finance bill incorporate the ownership charge to be Rs 500, the cost of Ntc’s PSTN and postpaid mobile reduces heavily.

Previously they used to charge Rs 1510 for the postpaid SIM. Which included Rs 1130 for the ownership charge of Postpaid phone. But now they only have to pay Rs 565 for the ownership cost. So, the total cost of the postpaid sim becomes Rs 565+ Rs 380 (Credit limit)= Rs 945.

  • The new cost of Postpaid SIM= Rs 945

Cost of Ntc PSTN phone

Similarly, the cost of PSTN phone also reduces with the new FY budget. The previous cost of PSTN phone was Rs 2200. As the same ownership cost change here, the new cost of PSTN phone becomes Rs 1635. The call rate remains the same for Ntc PSTN phone.

  • Cost of Ntc PSTN landline phone= Rs 1635

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Name transfer cost

The name transfer cost also reduces for the PSTN phone. Earlier, the customer had to pay Rs 1243 for the name transfer. But now the cost of name transfer becomes Rs 678, which is a reduction of Rs 565.

  • Cost of landline phone name transfer = Rs 678

Tell us what do you think of the postpaid SIM and landline phone’s cost reduction? You can feedback in the comment box below.

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