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How to Send Bulk SMS in Ntc? Subscribe and Use Easily

Ntc has been providing bulk SMS service for some years. The bulk SMS service becomes useful to people or organizations who need to send messages/text in a sizable amount. For an individual, you may need to go to several bulk SMS service providers to get the service. But if you need it for your organization/company, you can get it from the Ntc office. Find here for the process to take the bulk SMS service in Ntc.

First of all, let us discuss Bulk SMS and its usage.

What is Bulk SMS?

Bulk SMS is a telecom service that is used to send the same message/text to a large number of people. This service is more beneficial to organizations that use SMS to connect to their members/employees/customers like Commerical businesses, Education institutes, Travel and tourism companies, Government and semi-government bodies. Some of the people/individuals also prefer bulk SMS to send the same message to multiple people.

Organizations/individuals use Bulk SMS service to send some alerts, reminders, marketing information and more. It is also used by companies to disseminate information/message to their employees. For instance, banks use SMS to inform of the transaction/balance/statement in their account.

As the elections happen every now and then here in Nepal, it comes handy for the candidates to propagate their ideas and ask for a vote.

How to get Bulk SMS service in Ntc?

To get the bulk SMS service for your organization, you need to pay a visit to either Ntc, Chief Commercial Office (CCO), or NTC regional directorate offices in several locations. Then you also need to provide your proposal and other organizational documents to the respective department.

Whereas in the case of bulk SMS service for an individual, you need to visit some value-added service providers that have already got permission from Ntc.

Ntc makes the bulk SMS service a prepaid one. That is you need to pay for the SMS number beforehand to get access. After paying for the required no of SMS, you will get a username and password for web login. You can use the same username and password to send the bulk SMS from your own computer.

This service can be used for all Ntc mobile numbers (GSM and CDMA prepaid and postpaid mobile). A single SMS can squeeze in 140 characters in English and 70 in the case of Unicode. NTC or the value-added service providers can also send the SMS on your behalf if you cannot do it on your own.

Organizations that need such service regularly, need to pay beforehand for at least 1500 SMS per month. If you do need the bulk SMS in the lower number, then you should contact some of the value-added service providers and they will charge you as per the SMS number.

Updated Info: You can contact Nepal Telecom to get the SMS services like SMS alert, Shortcode, web-based bulk SMS service. Find the process.

This bulk SMS service differs from the SMS pack as the number of SMSes to send at once is in the range of hundreds or thousands. If you want to send SMS in around 100, you can buy the SMS pack on your own. You may need to type the numbers on your own or use some applications to send them at once.

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