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NTA requests people to use internet reasonably

NTA, the telecommunication regulator of Nepal has appealed people to use the internet sensibly.

As all of the people are staying at home with the Corona Virus threat and the lockdown, the usage of the internet has surpassed all the limits. Find how Nepali companies are tackling the Covid19 situation here in Nepal.

This has put a huge strain on the internet bandwidth and resources. Creating a condition that could prevent some from accessing the network. While there is also an equal chance of breaking the internet from that network provider.

NTA request

So, NTA has issued a notice to the public to use the internet for the needed applications only. Using the internet reasonably will prevent network congestion or reduce to some extent.

Earlier ISPAN (ISP Association of Nepal) had also called for plausible internet access in this lockdown situation. They had also requested people not to change any settings in their routers, modems and set-top boxes, as they will be unable to attend physical support in the lockdown period.

A lot of people prefer binge-watching, excessive gaming, or downloading big data files over the internet in this period. This has hogged the internet, putting the network providers and other people into trouble. Do you choose your internet activity to trouble others in this emergency situation, do feedback in the comment section below.

As we already stated with the previous post on the internet slow down, the network providers are not prepared for this kind of traffic. They have not even designed their resources including the internet bandwidth for such enormous traffic, assuming that not all the subscribers will be online at the same time. Only a certain percentage of people active at a time holds true for the normal scenarios but the situation is quite different now.

Internet network

How to cope?

To cope up with the situation, we have no option but to carry out our internet activity humbly. You can also schedule your download and huge streaming activity at low usage periods like the early morning or late night or even day time. Here are some of our requests.

  • Change YouTube or other streaming apps resolution to less than 720p.
  • Do not perform gaming or big files/torrent downloads in the peak hours of evening time. Whereas you can schedule such download in the late night or early morning period.
  • Do not go live on Social media unless urgent.
  • Use landline phones if you have a connection at your home. (to manage voice traffic)

Sometimes if you have an issue with the home broadband, you can use the mobile broadband if the 3G/4G network coverage is available at your place. We suggest you get buy the affordable data packs in Ntc, Ncell data offer, or Smart Cell double data offer based on your SIM availability and preference.

We suggest you check large data volume in each of the networks for a longer duration to suit your requirements.

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