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Myths about 5G causing the Coronavirus pandemic and the impact

5G and Coronavirus

Conspiracy theory about 5G radiation damaging the human immune system is sweeping the world with the presence of no scientific evidence. Myths regarding a link between coronavirus and 5G started to spread on social media when a video surfaced claiming the 5G network as the cause of the coronavirus epidemic.

Videos with such messages have been shared thousands of times in social media misleading people into believing it. In addition, few celebrities sharing this information in their social media accounts have fueled the story.

These types of news have led to various acts of vandalism against 5G towers. 5G arson was noticed in several countries.

So is it true that the 5G network is the cause of coronavirus? Let’s dig some facts.


What is the myth?

The myth is that the 5G network is the cause of the coronavirus pandemic.

China officially introduced the 5G network on Nov 1, 2019. Following that event, within a few months, coronavirus widespread in China. Before this myth, 5G has always been controversial regarding its negative impacts on our health due to the emission of high-frequency radiation.

So, people connected the dots to form a whole new conspiracy theory to justify the COVID-19 pandemic.

Consequences of people’s false belief

People who believed the rumors that the 5G network is the cause of coronavirus showed hostility in various ways. A form of vandalism was seen in different cities of the UK and Netherlands as 5G protestors set fire on telecom towers, workers working on a 5G network tower were halted by some protestors, 5G telecom technicians were harassed on their job, and some people expressed loathe in social media.

5G tower put on fire UK

The reason behind the occurrence of such events is mainly because people don’t know what to trust. Being unaware of the facts, people tend to believe what is fed to them at this crucial moment. They are scared and frightened of the coronavirus pandemic. With the spread of fake news and misinformation, people are finding it difficult to distinguish between fact and fiction. So, it is very important to flow the right information to the people.

Following this, Facebook and Youtube has started to take down content that fuels the disbelief and vandalism. Despite the baseless rumors, some of the operators like Proximus in Belgium have halted the 5G network expansion to soothe people of their health concern in this pandemic situation. The expansion was already in slow pace with the spread of Coronavirus itself but was not completely stalled.

We suggest you read simple explanations to 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G networks.

Why is it not true?

  • First, there is no scientific evidence to prove it. Scientists and doctors don’t confirm this theory. They have analyzed this conspiracy theory to be false.
  • Second, the global COVID-19 pandemic has outreached the countries where there is no 5G network cell tower. In other words, coronavirus is seen affecting the countries where there is no 5G network available such as Canada and Iran. People of Canada and Iran are also facing the repercussions of coronavirus. So, it is not true that 5G has caused the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • After several hoaxes of COVID-19 spreading from the air, scientists have been repeatedly emphasizing the fact that it is not an airborne disease and human transmission is only possible when an infected individual’s cough, sneeze droplets enter into another through their eyes, nose or mouth.
  • If the 5G network is not responsible for the spread of coronavirus then what is? Coronavirus is believed to have transmitted from the animal world. The virus transmitted from animals to humankind. Scientists say that it originated from bats. Like a 5G network conspiracy theory, there are various hypotheses floating on the internet regarding the origin of COVID-19 but the hypothesis that coronavirus spread from the Wuhan animal market is strongly accepted one.

Now it is clear that the myth regarding coronavirus and 5G network is not true. It is a dangerous belief that people are having. Scientists and doctors believe it is transmitted from animal to human. Since there is no confirmation, the 5G network is not the cause of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Cellular tower and health concern in Nepal

At times, Nepal also witnessed the impact of similar baseless rumors, which caused people not to let the telcos operate cellular tower in their area. Though NTA, the regulator had clarified for the no impact on public health due to the tower radiation, the obstructions keep on appearing. Before, there were also some vandalism and fire on the mobile tower. Whereas the arson was not related to the health concern.

5G in Nepal

The hype of 5G being crazy fast in terms of internet speed and connected devices has made it one of the highly awaited technologies in Nepal. Although at present, there are only three companies that provide telecommunication services throughout Nepal. Out of which, it seems Ntc and Ncell are equally making the necessary preparations to introduce it soon. As per Huawei CEO, 5G will reach Nepal in the year 2021.

However, the spread of such false news and fear of 5G arson might affect the rollout of the 5G network worldwide. What’s your thought on introducing a 5G network in Nepal? Share them in the comment section below. 

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