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Vianet brings high-speed package for students, professional for Lockdown

COVID-19 pandemic has forced all educational institutions and offices to perform virtual meetings, classes online through video conferencing tools, platforms. Similarly, the students are encouraged to watch video tutorials due to the use of such video streaming, which could slow down the internet experience for other family members.

Due to this, we have found people to complain about slow internet speed and buffering. Considering this, Vianet, one of the leading ISP in Nepal, launches two internet packages called e-learning internet + TV pack, and Work From Home TV+ Pack. They have targeted these packages to provide high-speed internet service for next-generation students and teachers.

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Vianet e-learning and Work from Home package

With the subscription of the packages, Vianet will increase the internet speed for the morning and day period while the internet speed remains the same for the evening and night period.

The e-learning pack of Vianet will double the internet speed up to 50 Mbps for the period 6 am to 4 PM. Whereas for the Work from Home package, the internet speed will increase to 40 Mbps for the period 9 am to 6 pm. During the period other than the mentioned above, the data speed remains the regular 25 Mbps. Read here what are the advantages of fast internet?

Here for both the packages, the period for the speed increment is adjusted to allow students; professionals enjoy the high speed for their online learning/working hours.

The packages also include some exciting features like Focus Mode and ViaTV service. The focus mode, powered by Viasecure, allows you to disable all internet content (other than learning content) yourself at one click. The feature will help students focus on their class and without distraction from games and social networking sites. Similarly, it assures parents of their children’s focused learning. Usually, the parents need to have control over such features to enable or disable.

ViaTV services that come with the packages have 250+ TV channels and include Catchup TV, Movie on Demand, Pause, and Play. You can also access the mobile app with this service.

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What is the cost of the Vianet e-learning and Work From Home package?

The Vianet special package price for the pandemic period is Rs 1,700 per month (exclusive of taxes). Vianet tells this new package to be available for a limited time. A 13% additional tax applies to the above charge.

Please do remember the fact that the fair usage policy (FUP) applies in the home broadband internet. You can find the recent update on the Vianet’s FUP.

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