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NTA directs ISPs to provide internet speed details to consumers

With massive complaints flooding from internet consumers during lockdown regarding slow internet speed, Nepal Telecommunication Authority (NTA) has implemented a rule for Internet service providers (ISPs) to provide details about the internet speed to their customers.

On Wednesday, ISPs received a directive from NTA to provide information to consumers on how much bandwidth is used at what time. This provision will allow the consumers to know whether they are receiving the internet speed as committed by the ISPs or not.

Internet slowdown during the lockdown

Most of the internet consumers faced the problem of internet slowdown during the lockdown. ISPs responded to this problem as the consequence of internet traffic that spiked when the whole nation was forced to stay at home during the lockdown. But, their claims were treated with skepticism by most of the people. The internet users criticized their respective ISPs for not delivering the internet speed as they were promised.

To ensure the consumers are consuming the assigned internet speed for which they have paid for, NTA has regulated this provision.

ISPs to install devices to implement the provision

As per the directive received from NTA, ISPs are looking forward to implementing the provision. The Internet Service Providers’ Association of Nepal is planning on this matter. According to the Internet Service Providers’ Association of Nepal, consumers will be able to get the service as soon as ISPs complete the task of installing technical devices. It is a time-consuming process. The corporate houses have already gained the service from ISPs and now residential consumers will also receive the service soon.

Sometimes the problem in the internet speed occurs due to problems between the router and connected device such as incorrect placement of the router, frequent resetting of the device, low-quality router, and shared internet connection. In case of such issues, ISPs will be able to inform the consumers about the issue with this service.

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Importance of the service in Nepal

Due to the absence of such service from ISPs, consumers feel deprived of promised and reliable internet connection. If consumers are able to check the speed and details regarding their internet connection, then the customers can know if the internet problem is due to the router and devices or it’s from ISPs. It will allow ISPs to gain the trust of their customers and will help ISPs to provide proper assistance to their customers.

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It is nice to know that the complaints of the customers are being heard and analyzed. This step by NTA proves how efficiently they are trying to provide us quality service. This provision of NTA will solve most of the problems of the internet consumers of Nepal.

What do you think of this provision by NTA? What should they do next to enhance the internet experience?

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