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Comparing Ncell vs Nepal Telecom eLearning offer for Students

The pandemic and lockdown situation that Coronavirus has brought worldwide is something very horrendous. Universities, Schools, Colleges, and other sectors are closed due to the infection threat. Now, schools, colleges, and universities have started resuming regular classes or conducting different webinars, workshops to keep on carrying the teaching-learning.

The leading telecommunication companies like Ncell and Nepal Telecom have shown their support by offering new Data Packs dedicated to this online learning. Different institutions have also asked the telcos to facilitate their students, teachers, and staff for the data required for e-learning. Nepal Telecom came up with the e-Shiksha Package and the all-new Happy Learning Package. Ncell collaborated with Private School Associations (PABSON, NPBASAN, HISSAN) and launched a new data offer for students.

NTC and Ncell are both heavyweights when it comes to 4G coverage and additional services. They also keep on offering new Data plans regularly. This data plan from both telecommunication companies is handy to the teachers and students all over Nepal. It comes cheap (as compared to regular data plans) and works great, but there is still a question like which one is better. In this article, we will be comparing NTC’s Happy Learning Package with Ncell Student Offer to help choose you what fulfills your need most.

You can also find some useful apps for students to learn online.

NTC Happy Learning Package and Ncell’s Student Plan for eLearning

Online learning offersNcell Student plan A, B, C
NTC Happy learning packs
Total Data Volume offered23GB, 26GB and 32 GB24GB or 35GB
Data packagePlan A: 3GB All Time (1GB in 3G/4G and 2GB in 4G)
20GB Data for Microsoft Team, Zoom Google meetPlan B: 6GB (2GB in 3G/4G + 4GB in 4G) + 20GBPlan C: 12GB (4GB in 3G/4G, 8GB in 4G network) + 20GB
20GB Data for Online Learning Application + 4G Regular Data
30GB Data for Online Learning Application + 5G Regular Data
Additional combo packPlan A:


120-minute call per day within CUG Network
50 minutes on-net call per month
50 on-net SMS Per Month

Plan B and C: Includes the CUG pack and Increase in on-net and addition of off-net calls, SMS per month.

Supported AppsZoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google MeetZoom, Microsoft Team, and Google Meet
Valid For1 Month28 Days
PriceRs. 319.23 for 23GB pack, Rs 446.92 for 26GB pack and Rs 702.3 for 32GB packRs. 315 for 24GB And Rs. 500 for 35GB

NTC Happy Learning Pack has two such data packages to choose from; namely, 24GB and 35GB. It costs Rs. 315 for 24GB and Rs. 500 for 35GB including tax. In the 24GB package, you get 20GB data for E-learning activities and supports apps like Zoom, Microsoft Team, and Google Meet. Left 4GB data can be used for anything for any applications you may like. Whereas 35GB Data package provides 30GB data for E-learning activities and supports apps like Zoom, Microsoft Team, and Google Meet. The remaining 5GB data can be used for any applications you may like. Both data packages are valid for 28 days.

Similarly, in Ncell Student Plan, you get 20GB Data for Microsoft Team, Zoom, and Google Meet. There are three monthly plans which cost Rs 319.23, Rs 446.92, and Rs 702.3 respectively. With Plan A, You also get 3GB additional data which includes 1GB in 3G or 4G Network and 2GB in 4G Network. Whereas Plan B and C provides 6GB and 12 GB data with similar distribution in 3G, 4G network. The additional data can be used for any purpose and application.

Ncell also provides free additional combo packages; 120-min call per day within the CUG Network and 50 minutes on-net call per month and 50 on-net SMS Per Month in the basic Plan A pack. While the on-net calls, SMS increase, and adds off-net calls, SMS in Plan B and Plan C.

Find the comparison of all data packs in Ncell and NTC.

How to Get Ncell and Ntc online learning offer?

The way you purchase these two packages is easy but somewhat different than the regular. If you want to subscribe to Ncell’s student package, then you will be offered a special SIM that comes with voice, data, and SMS combo Package. To get the special SIM (having eLearning plan) you will have to follow steps below:

  • Students/Teachers and other staff will have to take a recommendation letter from the educational institute. They need to send an email with the mobile number to [email protected]. The letter has to be in the school’s letterhead.
  • After this, you can take a special SIM under your institution name or self-name based on your choice.
  • You can also activate the student plan in your current Ncell SIM by dialing *17149#. But for the CUG service, you need to ask your institution for the recommendation.

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If you are considering to subscribe to NTC’s Happy Learning Package, then you need to follow the steps mentioned below:

  • First of all, the educational institution you belong to, needs to send an email with NTC mobile number of their teachers/students and other staff along with their registered name to email address: [email protected].
  • NTC also provides the options for the recent SEE graduates with the SEE Student offer to grab these packages.
  • After this, NTC will send you a message for confirmation.
  • After confirming, you will just need to dial *1441# and select 24GB or 35GB and you’re good to go.
  • Now you can also choose to subscribe to this Ntc eLearning pack on your own. Please read here for the process for the self subscription of Happy learning pack.
  • Nepal Telecom also provides affordable high-volume data plan to use for any applications with the eShikshya pack.

Which one to choose?

The eLearning data packages from Ncell and Ntc are more or less similar. Ncell provides the offer with a special SIM card whereas you can also apply the plans to your existing SIM.  NTC allows you to buy those packages in your current SIM only. Both need to be recommended by your educational institute.

Find the reasons why do you need to buy data packages.

If we check the similar data plan, Ntc has 24GB data (with 20GB for the online meeting) at Rs 315 while Ncell has 23GB data (with the same 20GB for online learning apps) at Rs 319.23. So, you get more data in Ntc with around 5 rupees less.

Similarly, the 35GB data (with 30GB data for online meeting apps) Happy learning data pack of Ntc costs Rs 500 whereas the 32 GB data (with 20GB data for the online meeting) of Ncell costs Rs 702.3. So, if you want a higher volume data to use for the online meeting apps, you can choose Ntc’s pack.

For the additional data volume that can be used for any app, Ncell separates it to use in 3G, 4G network. Whereas Ntc allows the data volume to be used for any network. So, you can choose to use the data volume in 3G and it is beneficial if 3G network is only available at your place.

But Ncell adds the combo voice and SMS pack with the Student plan which is beneficial for your regular usage as well. 120 minutes call per day in the CUG network is also an added benefit with the Ncell Student plan.

You can buy Ntc happy learning data pack whenever you require whereas, in the case of Ncell, it is a recurring plan that you need to pay every month. Ncell also allows your plan to change to Sajilo SIM.

Having discussed the above comparison between Ntc and Ncell for an online learning data package, you may subscribe to any of the packages that you are impressed with and based on which network is better in your area.

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