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Nepal Telecom Introduces 4G Wireless Home Broadband Service

Nepal Telecom (NTC) has introduced a new service called 4G Wireless Home broadband service. With the 4G broadband service, you can use the internet at your home where you do not have any wire or other wireless options.

As of Feb 2021, Nepal Telecom has expanded its 4G network to 620 local levels (out of 753). Read more about Ntc 4G coverage.

Although 4G coverage has reached this level, the FTTH fiber, Wifi, and several other internet solutions are still out of reach to many areas. So, Nepal Telecom believes this will fulfill the gap at such no-internet places. Now you can get this broadband service at all the places where the 4G network is available.

Nepal Telecom 17th anniversary program

Nepal Telecom MD. Mr. Dilli Ram Adhikari announced the 4G mobile broadband service on the occasion of their 17th anniversary. Alongside, they also launched NT Chatbot in an official program organized to celebrate the anniversary.

It is not only suitable for home broadband but also for people who frequently travel around the country.

How to use the 4G broadband service?

To use this 4G broadband service, first, you need to have a 4G compatible dongle/modem/CPE/router where you need to put a SIM card (with the service enabled).

You can easily buy such 4G compatible devices from the market and the 4G broadband service from Nepal Telecom service centers. Please make sure of the 4G band compatibility in such device, for better availability and higher speed. Read about the Nepal Telecom dual 4G bands.

Nepal Telecom 4G Broadband packages, price

There are two packages in the Nepal Telecom 4G home broadband service; namely the 60GB and 120GB per month pack. The 60GB pack costs Rs 900 whereas 120GB costs Rs 1500 per month. If you subscribe for a year, the same package becomes Rs 9600 for 720GB and Rs 16000 for 1440 GB. The price is inclusive of all applicable taxes.

Among the 60GB, you can use 30GB (i.e 1GB per day) for two applications YouTube and Facebook). Similarly, in the case of 120GB, you can use 60GB (2GB per day) for the two applications and the remaining data is for all applications. With the 4G broadband package, the data tariff becomes very cheaper as compared to the regular data packs.

Check out all the latest Ntc data packs.

Nepal Telecom says “Customers will be able to use home broadband service using CPE (Customer premises equipment), even if there is no FTTH, wired telephone (ADSL) and wifi service.”

It seems just a start for now but such broadband service based on cellular technology (like 4G) will be the future of ubiquitous internet in Nepal.

Tell us if you are interested to buy such wireless broadband solution using Ntc 4G at your home?

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