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Apple Provides Software Update to Support 800 MHz Band On iPhones, For Better 4G Signal on Ntc

Apple has now provided a software upgrade in its iPhone to support Nepal Telecom 4G in 800 MHz Band for high speed data and VoLTE service. As a result, people residing in villages will now have access to Ntc’s 4G service. iPhone users in those remote areas where there was no 4G signal, will have Nepal Telecom’s 4G signal. Similarly, the 800MHz (band 20) support will penetrate 4G to deeper indoor and basement areas, having better data speed.

When Nepal Telecom launched its VoLTE service, iPhones support for VoLTE and the band 20 4G were making a trouble to the users. Then Ntc contacted Apple’s headquarter to allow the iPhone to support both VoLTE and band 20. Then Apple CEO forwarded it to experts to have it resolved. The Volte issues are known to be almost resolved before and now the band 20 support is also here for the compatible iPhones.


So Nepal Telecom’s trouble regarding VoLTE and Band 20 issues are now resolved by Apple. With the new iOS update, 4G in 800MHz (b20) will be functional on iPhones, benefitting people in both cities as well as in rural areas.

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As known, now 4G LTE and VoLTE services will operate on iPhones with iOS 14.7 update and above. So, if you have already got the upgrade on your phone, you can upgrade to have band 20 support for better 4G signal from Ntc.

Earlier, the iPhone didn’t support 4G service in 800MHz whereas it was only available with 1800 MHz band. So, iPhones could only get band 3 4G signal which has limited coverage as compared to band 20 4G.

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Benefits of New iOS update

The new iOS update will bring more features and enhanced security whereas the 4G in 800MHz along with VoLTE is beneficial to those iPhone users with Ntc SIM.

Further, the new update also includes MIMO, which means Multiple Input Multiple Output, having more than 2 streams of data connection between tower and mobile. This enables the speed of 4G LTE to increase even more. 

Similarly, it could bring carrier aggregation feature to combine both LTE in band 3 and band 20 to operate simultaneously increasing the data speed for the iPhone user. This feature will show 4G+ on Android phones using Ntc SIM, but it doesnot notify us in same way on iPhone. But, you can go to the field test mode on iPhone by dialing *3001#12345#*, find serving cell status and CA status to find if two LTE carriers are used while being on 4G.

Still there could be some country specific iPhone and jailbreak phones where the Band 20 network support won’t be there. So, those phone will only support 1800MHz (band 3) for 4G. Otherwise, the software upgrade will enable 800MHz LTE in Ntc 4G SIM for all other iPhones.

After updating your iOS software, you can conveniently access 4G LTE and VoLTE services from any corner of Nepal, with Ntc SIM.

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What do you think of Apple’s support to Nepal Telecom enabling 4G in 800 MHz band? Tell us in the comment section below.

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