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NTC Returning WiMAX Frequency To NTA

NTC is returning WiMAX frequency to NTA as the WiMAX has become obsolete. By reducing the frequency bandwidth in WiMax, the company can give back part of the 2300 MHz spectrum to the government. The 4G-based wireless broadband has lost its relevancy with the growth of 4G and the telco is ending the decade-long service.

NTC revealed its plan to shut down WiMAX back in July and announced packages to encourage customers to shift to other network options.

WiMax was launched almost a decade ago to connect rural areas with broadband connections. However, NTC’s rapid expansion of 4G and the lack of new Wimax’s evolution means it is almost not relevant in today’s times of 4G and 5G.

WiMAX End a long Time Calling

Despite its existence, NTC has long halted its expansion and even announced in 2074 BS that it will shut down the service in a near future.

Wimax also suffered due to the interference from Jio in certain areas in the southern belt. But it has never been a mainstream service. It is a dated technology and has not evolved. Maintainance has also been a burden for the state telco.

As per Ntc, the 4G expansion project is almost complete with 92% coverage in local levels and this has rendered WiMAX unnecessary. After months of planning, and 4G expansion, NTC has been able to offload WiMAX.

NTC has offered various promotional packages to shift existing Wimax users to other options. The company will also provide 4G CPE to the Wimax users in 2078/79 FY.

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NTC Returning WiMAX Frequency

To discontinue WiMAX, NTC has now decided to reduce the frequency bandwidth and will proceed to return the redundant frequency to NTA. The telco had been operating the wireless broadband in 30 MHz frequency of 2300 MHz band. NTC will hand over 20 MHz frequency to the government. Meanwhile, the remaining 10 MHz frequency will be kept afloat for the existing WiMAX users till their shift to the 4G network.

NTA has also decided to accept 2300 MHz band frequency from Nepal Telecom (NTC). Earlier, NTA also decided to charge Nepal Telecom for the 2.3 GHz band frequency fees, as per technology neutrality.

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Did you ever use WiMAX broadband? Do share your experience with us in the comments below.

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