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Daraz Brings Nepali New Year 2079 (NNY) Offer

Daraz has announced the Nepali new year (NNY) offers for the approaching 2079 BS. The offers include customary yet exciting One Rupee Game, discounts, vouchers, and includes one scooter as a Mega giveaway. Keep reading to learn more about Daraz’s new year offer 2079 and find our special coupon below.

Daraz’s Nepali New Year (NNY) offer begins on April 11th.

The new year is right on the horizon and Daraz is doubling down on the occasion. The leading marketplace has launched a gamut of offers to make shopping full of fun and joy. You can benefit from bank discounts, prepayment card concessions, EMI service, and many more on over 1.3 million products. Besides, Daraz’s new year also includes Yadea S-Like Scooter in the bumper prize.

Below, we have the whole list of key features pertaining to Daraz’s New Year offers. Find them all.

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1. One Rupee Game

The famous One Rupee Game is the staple feature of all Daraz offers and it is no exception here too. Here, customers can choose a product of their choice for just Rs.1. To be eligible for this exciting offer, a customer has to select a product and pay Rs.1 beforehand via debit/credit card, eSewa, and IME Pay wallet. Daraz will select the winner through a lucky draw. Customers can win the following prizes for one rupee:

Daraz will add more products to this as the campaign proceeds.

2. Bank Days

For 5 days a week, customers can get additional discounts on Daraz Bank Days. To get the benefit, customers need to collect bank-specific vouchers for the concerned bank day. Find the details below:

  • Sunday – Up to 10% off (max Rs.350)
  • Wednesday – Upto 10% (max Rs. 500) on debit card/ Upto 15% (max Rs. 500) on the credit card.
  • Thursday – Upto 10% (max Rs. 500) on debit card/ Upto 15% (max Rs. 500 on the credit card.
  • Thursday – Max Rs. 500 off. Applicable on all products.
  • Friday – Up to 10% off (max Rs. 500). Applicable on all products.
  • Saturday – Up to 10% off (max Rs. 500). Applicable on all products.

3. Prepayment discounts

The Prepayment discount brings additional discounts to Daraz customers for the New Year campaign. Customers, with this offer, can receive additional concessions on products while making payments via credit or debit cards. Find out the details below:

Daraz New Year offer 2079 from Banks
Daraz’s Prepayment discounts for New Year 2079 offer

In addition, Daraz has partnered with Nepal Bank. Daraz has proudly pronounced it ‘a very special moment’ because it is the first a government bank has ‘partnered with an e-commerce platform to provide a digital form of payment option to its customers.  

The cardholders of Nepal Bank will be entitled to some amazing discount benefits. So if you’re a Nepal Bank cardholder, make sure to get the best out of this offer.

4. Mega Deals

Mega Delas are another special part of Daraz’s campaigns and the New Year offer is no exception. Under the Mega Deals, customers can get up to a whopping 60% discount on over 13 lakh products. The offers are exclusive and Daraz has ‘advised’ its customers to make the most of them all.

5. Mega Vouchers worth Rs. 5,000

There is a chance to win Mega Vouchers worth up to Rs.5,000. Possessing vouchers means getting extra discounts on already discounted prices. If you are shopping on Daraz, make sure you do your best to grab one before they run out. Beware! They run out pretty quickly with every campaign just like its record-breaking 11.11 single-day sales last year.

6. Brand Partners

Daraz has partnered with many recognized brands that offer discounts and offers throughout campaigns. For the New Year offer, Daraz is offering benefits with three different tiers of brands. And all of them are offering huge price cuts. Customers can receive discounts on particular products at a discount. Find details are below:

Daraz New Year offer

7. Add to Cart

Another popular segment of Daraz campaigns, Add to Cart has made its return to the New Year offer as well. Here, customers can add the products of their choice and add them to the cart. With this, they can stand a chance to win free vouchers worth Rs.500.

8. Brand of the Day

Under Brand of the Day, a particular brand will offer exclusive deals on its products every day throughout the campaign. These deals will be for a short while so make sure you don’t let up from making the most of it.

9. Mega Giveaway or Bumper Upahar

One of the highlights of this campaign, the Mega Giveaway aka Bumper Upahar this time has a Yadea S-Like Scooter from Daraz. We are sure you won’t want to miss a chance to stand a chance to get the two-wheeler on offer.

Yadea S-Like Scooter Mega Give away Daraz New Year offer
Yadea S-Like Scooter

10. EMI Service

Daraz also has EMI service on offer during its New Year Campaign. Through this, customers can enjoy the EMI payment from banks. The banks offering this service are below;

  1. Sunrise Bank
  2. NIC Asia Bank
  3. Citizens Bank
  4. Machhapuchchhre Bank

The thing to delight is that Daraz’s EMI service has no charges involved. There is no down payment and no interest amount. It is a pure EMI benefit to the customers who want to pay in installments without any liability. If you want a product but are short on sum, resort to the EMI offer.

In addition, buyers who have credit cards from the above banks can purchase products and pay a fixed amount every month. Don’t miss: WorldLink Packages on Daraz With Discount up to Rs.1500

11. Deals Under

With Deals Under, customers can buy products within a select range of costs. For example, customers can choose products between Rs. 499, Rs. 999, Rs. 1499.

12. Free Delivery

Free Delivery has made another lovely return to delight many Daraz shoppers. With this, customers can have their products delivered to their doorstep for free. However, this depends upon the seller. And to be eligible for this offer, one has to buy products up to the amount set by the seller.

But customers can get free delivery irrespective of the defined amount of purchase. Everyone likes the idea of getting the products home without an additional charge. So, this is one delightful offer from Daraz in its New Year offer.

13. Hot Picks

Under Hot Picks, customers can get a host of products at amazing price cuts, and offers during the campaign.

14. New User Voucher

If you are a first-timer on Daraz, you can earn Rs.200 discount on your first purchase. So if you are, then go ahead and shop and save Rs.200 when the campaign kicks off on April 11th.

15. Tons of Vouchers

Similarly, Daraz customers will get another chance to reduce the cost of their favorite products. Having a chance to win ‘Tons of Vouchers’ is one exceptional way to save more cash on your shopping spree.

Under this offer, customers can get Collectable Vouchers, Vouchers, and Vouchers during the New Year offer campaign. But like any other vouches, these are likely to run out soon when the campaign kicks off. So, you can get into Daraz quickly and start collecting your vouchers. Do read: Daraz Launches IME Pay Days, With 10% Discount

And many more

Besides the offers above, there is plenty more this New Year offer to make the shopping even more exciting. These are

  1. Review & Win
  2. Follow & Win
  3. Daily Rewards
  4. Showstopper Brands
  5. Early Bird Vouchers
  6. Budget-Friendly Deals
  7. Rush Hour
  8. One Day Crazy Sale
  9. Storewide Discounts
  10. New Year, New Brands

Use the Special code for more discount

Yet, there is more for discount. There is one more special discount offer which should help you get more out of the shopping. That is if you buy products equal to or above Rs5,000, you will earn Rs.400 discount. Your only requirement? Visit this link, Add to the cart and use the code “NNYNITLCM” as you check out.

Daraz NNY discount coupon code

If you have been waiting for an offer to arrive to buy your favorite products, this is the time. Daraz has all the goodies in its bag under the New Year offer that you would like. You can get your favorite products at a discount and even earn Mega Deals, and multiple discounts.

Do leave your queries below in the comments to learn more about this campaign.

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