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Classic Tech Prepares for 500 Mbps Internet Plan | Nepal’s Fastest Ever

Classic Tech, one of the prominent ISPs in Nepal is prepared to launch the country’s fastest 500 Mbps fiber internet plan. In the intensifying internet speed war in Nepal, Classic Tech’s FTTH plan, when it arrives would put all the ISPs’ premium offering to shame.

The news has not settled for Vianet’s Ultra-fi plan and Worldlink’s 300 Mbps plan still remains a headline, but one after the other we keep hearing of eye-popping offerings by ISPs.

And talking about Classic Tech’s reported mega offering of a 500 Mbps package, it sounds as enigmatic as it could. It would be Nepal’s fastest broadband internet plan and by a long mile.

WorldLink’s 300 Mbps fiber plan has generated a major spark in Nepal. However, Classic Tech could steal its thunder with its own.

Only WorldLink’s Photon Series of 300 Mbps internet plan carries the esteem against Classic Tech in terms of the speed numbers. However, the former could soon lose its spark when the other Kathmandu-based ISP brings forth its 500 Mbps plan, which would be Nepal’s fastest and the greatest on launch.

WorldLink Photon
WorldLink’s 300 Mbps internet package

WorldLink launched its 300 Mbps fiber internet package along with Mesh WiFi to deliver an unprecedented WiFi performance.

Likewise, Classic Tech is reportedly launching its world-class 500 Mbps package with a Mesh WiFi configuration. The ISP says, its Mesh WiFi system will support connections up to 50 devices.

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Mesh WiFi works differently from a traditional router. A Mesh WiFi consists of the main router that connects to a modem and multiple nodes placed at various spots to deliver a uniform and consistent performance across the desired area. The system brings a remarkable improvement in signal strength, bandwidth speed, and consistency over a traditional setup.

Classic Tech has not disclosed much about the launch date of its 500 Mbps internet plan. However, it says the offer would come at affordable costs for the public.

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Nepal’s 100 Mbps Internet Speed Club

Ever since CG Net teased the Nepali market with a resounding 120 Mbps plan, its shockwave forced other ISPs to follow the suit. While WorldLink waited a while and delivered a flagship 300 Mbps package, others have offered their own.

Vianet just launched its ‘Ultra-fi Plan’ that brings 125/175/250 Mbps plans at various price ranges. More here.

SNISPsPremium FTTH Plans
1WorldLink300 Mbps with Mesh WiFi
2Subisu150 Mbps
3Dish Home100 Mbps
4Classic Tech500 Mbps with Mesh WiFi (reported)
Nepal’s major ISPs with their premium offering

Subisu has already begun its 150 Mbps premium offer. Meanwhile, Dish Home also offers a 100 Mbps plan while its 200 Mbps plan has not arrived yet.

CG Net gets the credit for inspiring an internet movement in Nepal. Its groundbreaking 120 Mbps internet is thriving in the valley and will soon arrive beyond Kathmandu.

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Nepal’s ISP market just doesn’t seem to settle down. Instead, the competition among the ISPs has forced them to go from strength to strength which has upended Nepal’s broadband to new heights in recent months. This has benefitted the internet consumers who now have world-class internet packages at their disposal to meet their minor to premium internet needs.

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The speed war among ISPs in Nepal has resulted in better internet plans to the end customers and this owes greatly to CG Net for its bold 120 Mbps breakthrough a few months back.

Which ISP in your opinion stands out with the package and affordability? Do share with us in the comments below.

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